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Y Lofts

Atria Development is committed to building energy efficient buildings both for residents and the good of the larger community

Atria’s existing buildings incorporate cutting edge energy efficient practices and the company continues to seek and implement new technologies in its projects. One such innovation is Enbridge Gas Distributions’ “Savings By Design program” that provides developers and builders with the right kind of encouragement and tools needed to ensure that future buildings will be energy efficient.

Atria has decided to adopt this green energy initiative in its new Y Lofts Project located in downtown Peterborough, Ontario. The Y Lofts project involves the restoration and redevelopment of the historic Peterborough YMCA. This six-storey, 134-unit residential building will include numerous energy performance characteristics such as a green roof, in-unit tri-sorting waste disposal, electrical vehicle charging stations, custom climate control heating/cooling systems, energy efficient glazing, energy star rated appliances, and energy efficient plumbing and lighting fixtures.

Interestingly, Atria participated in a similar “savings by design workshop” put on by Sustainable Building Canada. At the workshop, Atria found that its Y Lofts Project was 24.0 per cent better than that required by the OBC and in fact will end up providing a total reduction in Greenhouse Gas of 68,605 Kg CO2Eq. This energy performance meets and exceeds the target set by the Savings by Design program.

Atria recognizes that these initiatives go well beyond simple cost savings and broader environmental stewardship. The fact is that homebuyers are sophisticated today and prefer to live in energy efficient homes and feel good about their contribution to the planet. Clearly, Enbridge’s Design by Savings Program is the right program at the right time for our world and all builders and developers are encouraged to join in this significant initiative.


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