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Four reasons to upgrade to a smart home

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Four reasons to upgrade to a smart home

Connected products, once a futuristic technology, are quickly becoming a reality in households across the country. In fact, 5.8 million Canadians regularly used a smart speaker in 2019 – a 51.2-per-cent increase from the previous year, according to eMarketer.

Smart home products are popular because incorporating them into your routine helps make life easier, safer and more cost-effective.

Here are the top four reasons to give your home a smart makeover:

Safety and security

Having the ability to monitor your home from wherever you are is one of the biggest benefits of a smart home. Devices that deliver notifications about everything from intruders to water leaks help homeowners respond quickly and avoid major disasters. For families with children, for example, smart locks can let you know when kids return home from school, while a connected doorbell system can help ensure their safety when the bell rings with mobile access to live video.

Convenience and customization

Smart products streamline common tasks by giving you remote access to everything from thermostats to kitchen appliances. With a simple tap, you can lock your doors or feed the dog, while home or away. You have the ability to program devices to your family’s specific needs and preferences and to customize your smart home system to fit your routine and lifestyle.

Ease and expansion

Many of today’s smart home products can be easily installed. One of the best places to start is with essential devices like a smoke and carbon monoxide alarm, such as the Onelink by First Alert Safe & Sound. The three-in-one device functions as a smart smoke and carbon monoxide alarm as well as a premium home speaker, and has Amazon Alexa built in. Unlike other smart alarms, it’s designed to work with many interconnected hardwired ones, allowing you to maintain your installed alarms. Thanks to an integrated adaptor plug, installation is easy, with no rewiring required.

The Onelink Safe & Sound makes life easier, from playing music with superior sound to offering hands-free commands with Alexa. At the same time, it protects what matters most, with first-rate smoke, fire and carbon monoxide detection to help keep you and your loved ones safe.

Energy efficiency and cost savings

A major part of what makes “smart” devices smart is their ability to save money through improved energy efficiency. Lights can be programmed to turn off automatically and thermostats can be set to a lower temperature during the day while you’re away. You can even track energy usage and expenditures to determine ways to reduce consumption.

Any home can be made smart today. With entertainment, lifestyle and safety features that can enhance your daily routine and provide peace of mind, it’s time to join the smart home revolution.

For more information on the Onelink Safe & Sound and other home safety products from First Alert, visit firstalert.ca


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