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Well adjusted – Sleep the night away in an Ultramatic bed

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Well adjusted – Sleep the night away in an Ultramatic bed

Your overall energy, along with a sense of well-being, is naturally enhanced after a good night’s sleep. For more than 33 years, Canada’s leading company for adjustable beds has made it their mission to help people live better, and longer, lives. This Canadian company recently rebranded, and introduced a lifestyle sleeping concept at their flagship location.

Ultramatic’s lifestyle adjustable bed is a game changer. Your body is always changing, so if you have sore muscles after a round of 18, require extra support for your lumbar, or a soothing massage for your back and shoulders, an Ultramatic bed can provide you the comfort that you need.

Sleeping with your legs and back slightly elevated can provide relief for acid reflux, sciatica, edema, sleep apnea, arthritis, back strain, leg cramps, swelling, pins and needles, and so much more. Adjustable beds may reduce snoring, and for some couples this can make a world of difference. Elevating your neck or back opens up airways and improves breathing.

Sleep recovery

You tend to heal faster when you get a better quality of rest. After surgery, or any kind of trauma, these beds are an oasis of relaxation. By slightly elevating your legs and back, blood flows easier to all parts of your body and puts less strain on your heart. With better circulation, the entire body functions better.

Lack of sleep also affects moods and how you handle day-to-day challenges. If you are tired, you tend to be less patient, which increases your stress level. By being able to adjust your mattress to suit you, you’ll fall asleep faster, and stay sleeping longer for a deeper, rejuvenating sleep.

More than a mattress

Select Ultramatic beds are programmable, and will move (with the push of a button) into your favourite position for reading or bingeing on Netflix. The therapeutic massage feature is wonderful for sore muscles, and with the under-bed light you can step out of bed with confidence in the middle of the night. You can also charge your electronic devices using the USB ports and control the bed using an app on your phone.

Ultramatic has developed a ‘wholistic’ approach in their flagship showroom in Toronto, where they’ve used soothing colours and natural greenery for a zen-like quality. Their sleep solutions ignite all the senses, from the silky touch of natural Tencel bedsheets, to the calming scent of lavender-infused pillows.

The friendly team at Ultramatic are well-trained in the science of sleep. Ask about their hybrid mattresses that combine the latest advancements, including ultra-durable Smart-Foam™, NanoGel™, and CarbonCor™ graphite-infused with time-tested cushioning materials.

508 Lawrence Avenue West



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Grand opening of Ultramatic’s newest store for adjustable beds

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Grand opening of Ultramatic’s newest store for adjustable beds

Photography, Robert MacNeil

After 33 years, Canada’s leading company for adjustable beds is adapting to the digital world. Through a rebranding campaign, Ultramatic is introducing a lifestyle sleeping concept at their new flagship store. At this rejuvenating haven, they are taking a holistic approach to improved wellness, as well as a better sleep. With all the mattress choices out there, it can be a difficult market to navigate. From billboards that advertise a bed-in-a-box, to impressive television commercials, separating the hype from the true benefits of the product, often results in dissatisfied customers.

Targeting your senses

When it comes to sleep, dealing with a sleep expert is of the utmost importance. And, having a one-on-one conversation helps to address particular concerns and preferences.

The new Ultramatic mattress store will look very different from anything that you’ve ever seen. A shift in perspective will provide an exciting digital experience that ignites your senses. The scent of lavender, peppermint and chamomile will awaken, and decompress, you at the same time – similar to a Zen-like state. Soft, rose-coloured walls help to calm the eyes, and the beautiful living wall embodies Ultramatic’s mantra – just relax.

Elevated advantages

Once associated with specific needs as it related to an aging demographic, adjustable beds are now designed to suit all ages and specialized niches. Especially appealing, is the blush, chenille-textured Vanessa bed, which is built into an elegant glass display. As you lie on the bed, a video appears on the glass, and above you. While relaxing, a sleep expert will discuss the health benefits of sleeping in an elevated position.

Adjustable beds are not only more advanced in their technology, but they have become the fastest growing category in the sleep industry. As lifestyles change, and homes become smaller, people are spending more time in their bed. Many designs include USB ports and Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to control your bed from your phone. People of all ages have come to realize that adjustable beds are not only ideal for resting, but they’re the perfect spot for reading, working, relaxing or watching Netflix.

Grand Opening

During the weekend of May 3rd to the 5th, Ultramatic will celebrate the grand opening of their new store at 508 Lawrence Avenue West in Toronto.

During the event, sale pricing can be found on mattresses, bases and pillows, and supporting vendors will be offering samples and promotional items.

With you in mind

Once the team has determined your needs, check out the innovative NanoGel™ collection of mattresses. All models are on display by features and functions. Not only will their mattresses relieve pressure points on your body, but you won’t receive any pressure from the staff.

Style consultants have been brought in to ensure that the Ultramatic brand continues to evolve and complement new furniture lines. You’ll also find Canadian-made products to further enhance a peaceful state of mind, including soaps, essential oil diffusers, room sprays and more.



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