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Greenpark Group Celebrates 50 Years of Building Trust

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Greenpark Group Celebrates 50 Years of Building Trust

Vaughan, Ontario – May 4th, 2017 – It all started with three homes in 1967. Today, Greenpark Group has more than 72,000 homes and condos to its name and is celebrating 50 years in business as one of Canada’s most storied builders.

Carlo Baldassarra (1967) and (2017)

“From day one, we wanted to grow,” fondly recalls Carlo Baldassarra, co-founder of Greenpark, “That was our idea, to do a little better, to work a little bit harder.”

Even as one of Canada’s largest builders, Greenpark Group remains committed to its unwavering drive to grow – whether it be launching its own high-rise division or expanding overseas, the company shows no signs of slowing down.

“After five decades of determination and hard work, the future of the Greenpark Group has never been brighter,” says Baldassarra, who remains at the company’s helm. “My children and grandchildren – the next generation, have all been taught the same three simple tenants that started our story: integrity, loyalty and hard work”.


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