The fall condo market in the GTA is in full swing

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The fall condo market in the GTA is in full swing

Although October has been unseasonably warm, it’s just a tease. Most of us have closed our cottages, people on the water were wearing ski jackets and toques this Thanksgiving. The barometer has dropped and its that time of the year. We survived September; kids back at school and everyone seems to be busy back at work in full swing. As always, the great real estate developers in our town are now showcasing the latest and greatest. Some new housing opportunities, detached, attached, stacked and so forth are available. Nice to see with the general prevailing shortage of new housing opportunities that exist in the GTA, that there are some good choices out there.

New housing opportunities in town should be looked at carefully; they are few and far between and it’s not going to get better. Many of the house sellers took their time to reflect this summer, re entering the market place with a view of offering a competitive and fair value to the buyers while trying to make sure they make a living selling. Some great choices exist out there. Speaking of ‘out there’, some of them are really out there. Last month, I moved into a new condo in the centre of town and bought a new home just outside of town. Room for the kids in both but I’m pushing towards being a youngish empty nester. I love this city; but Saturdays and Sundays are for somewhere else.

New condo choices are here; many of the developers also reflected this summer; enjoying the heat, and preparing their launches with new opportunities, new design and an assortment of new buildings in (416), (905) and beyond. Rents are continuing to increase almost ad finitem; (if you can even get your hands on a rental); owning makes more sense than ever if you can find the downpayment. Great new opportunities are here all over town. Look carefully at the neighbourhood; the property values there, the demographics and the trends. Do your homework. Talk to your realtor if you’re working with one. Talk to the on site agents and ask them about the neighbourhood they’re selling in. They should know what’s happening and, perhaps more importantly, what is likely to happen down the road. Get into gear. The fall market is here.

MARK COHEN is a founding partner of The Condo Store Marketing Systems, a firm specializing in the design, marketing and sales of condo and new home communities in and outside of the GTA.


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