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speaker_series_yasmine_goodwinYasmine Goodwin

Principal, My Design Studio

speaker_series_emmanuel_belliveauEmmanuel Belliveau

International Designer




  • Designing better home offices

  • Isolation and quarantine spaces

  • Online learning spaces


Clare Kumar

Clare Kumar

speaker_series_cynthia_sodaCynthia Soda


Theresa Casey





Interior products to consider incorporating into your home environments, from helping to maintain clean and healthy spaces  to the  extra use of technology

Building products to consider that facilitate working and living at home more comfortable



Glen Peloso


Janice Fedak


Evelyn Eshun




Designing for every Generation

Designing to facilitate the expanding family needs when COVID 19 pandemic will bring families of all generations into one home.

Looking at basic and advanced modifications to facilitate all generations for all needs.



Micheal Lambie


Linda Kafka


Designer Bios

Emmanuel Belliveau

For over 15 years Emmanuel Belliveau has been in the design/build industry. He has designed everything from leather goods, to jewelry, to furniture and most notably, homes. Emmanuel is a New Brunswicker who began his design career in Vancouver at FNDA Architecture. He now calls Toronto home. Since the premier of My Parents House on HGTV in 2005, as a designer he has shared his creative and fun spirit on Discovery Channel’s World’s Greenest Homes, numerous guest spots on TV in between and most recently, a role on Save our Shelter on The CW in LA. Always up for adventure, Emmanuel traveled several times to East Africa to design and build a wellness center in Uganda for women and children. The center has since been converted into a physical rehabilitation centre.

Recent changes in the Toronto City bylaws surrounding laneway housing sparked his entrepreneurial spirit given Toronto’s housing vacancy situation. His company EvaLanes (Eva, is short for Evangeline, his mother – she always wanted to get into real estate) is full service real estate development product for those seeking an easy way to assess, permit, design, build and create a passive financial stream with their own laneway suite.

When not designing, he can be found visiting the county with family and friends, walking his cat “Poe” and seeing what new projects he can start!

Clare Kumar

Productivity catalyst, Clare Kumar uses science-backed strategies to help busy professionals boost productivity, performance, and pleasure. As a highly sensitive person, she invites you to notice the little things that make a big difference.

Cynthia Soda

A business owner and busy mom of 4, Cynthia is the Owner and Principal Interior Designer of Soda Pop Design Inc. and Host of The Fizz Podcast.  Cynthia believes in and uses her appreciation for art and functional spaces that are “pretty with a purpose” to successfully merge lifestyle, personality and architectural requirements to create customized, liveable luxury that tells each client’s unique story.  Established in 2012, her award winning interior design firm provides complete renovation and design services producing work that has been locally and nationally showcased in top design and lifestyle magazines.

Theresa Casey

Theresa Casey is one of Canada’s most distinguished and celebrated designers. Her award-winning work for an international clientele has been described as “the work of a designer who is not interested in spaces that are ‘done’; rather, she works the shapes, proportions, textures, and light into a harmonious and emotionally satisfying balance.” (Globe and Mail)

Casey’s extensive education in art history, fine art and design (studies in Florence, Washington and Canada) provide her with the comprehension of period, detail and style that allow her to create projects ranging from traditional to contemporary. Her vision is to create architecturally authentic spaces, which emphasize scale, texture, color, and proportion within the framework of the client’s needs. She believes that clients who know themselves make their own mark; “I just help them to get there by encouraging risks, innovation, and individuality.” Her transformative work is as much about the lives of her interesting clients as they are examples of the artisanal direction that she brings to each unique project.

Casey draws inspiration from her travels including frequent trips to her family in Ireland, trips to the Venice Biennale, her extensive library of art and architecture books, and her regular drawing and painting studies and exhibitions.

Casey Design is an accredited, award-winning architecture & interior design firm that specializes in personalized projects that are both comfortable and sophisticated. The team at Casey Design practices a strategic and creative process which is informed by careful observation and research, and is nurtured by working closely and collaboratively with the client.

Yasmine Goodwin

Over the course of Yasmine’s 16-year career, she founded and developed My Design Studio, the top independent decor centre servicing the residential construction industry and homeowners in Southern Ontario. As a CAPS (Certified Aging in Place Specialist) designer, Yasmine comes full circle on her passion for beautiful and sustainable design, by also delivering on LiveABLE design & renovations.

Micheal Lambie

It’s easy to talk about where a person has come from. They went to this school. They had these jobs.

They rocked them all, right?

In a business bio, that’s what you expect to see. The accolades. The highlights.

For Micheal, what’s more important is that you see what he is striving for. Why he does what he does.

So, while we will get to the accolades and highlights, let’s start with Micheal’s philosophy…

Just as the definitions of family, home, and work continue to evolve, so too does our relationship with the spaces we spend our time in.

There isn’t one clear answer or static solution, but there are common goals: Living in style, and loving your space.

Achieving both is no easy task, and Micheal himself has had to draw from personal and professional growth and experience to truly understand and apply what that can and should mean to each and every project he works on.

In the end, Micheal Lambie designs spaces that reflect who you are, and who you want to be.

That’s who Micheal is. It’s what he strives for.

As far as where he came from? A designer in the truest sense of the word, Micheal started his education at the Ontario College of Art and Design.

For over 10 years, he successfully applied his design sensibility and happily flexed his creative muscles as an agency Creative Director, developing award winning TV commercials, print ads, graphic layouts and illustrations.

Like any true creative, Micheal sought out artistic challenges in all aspects of his personal and professional life. A passion for photography and a raw talent for real estate investment naturally segued into a near-insatiable interest in interior design.

Years later, Micheal continues to hone and develop his creative skill sets, living and breathing his design philosophy.

Janice Fedak

Janice is a Designer, Trend Researcher and Speaker. As an active member of the acclaimed Color Marketing Group, Janice shares innovative and inspiring Colour & Design concepts based on the influences that are emerging worldwide. With her genuine enthusiasm, Janice delivers trusted information on the direction of Design Trends creating a vibrant visual journey of ideas that educate, enhance and define.

Janice’s comfortable approach and ability to assess the needs of her clients, along with over 20 years of experience allows her to create impactful and artistic retail, commercial and residential spaces.

Janice owns and operates her Design Firm in Toronto, and can be seen delivering her Presentations and Seminars at a variety of special events across North America.

Linda Kafka, CLIPP, CAPS

With boundless energy, Linda Kafka is a trade resource for the residential interior design industry. She is a subject matter specialist, inclusive design advocate and one of Canada’s go to  experts on living in place and wellness in the home. Linda is the Principal of the Living In Place Network, an international community of professionals focused on living and aging in place.  She is the driving force behind Canada’s newly launched LivABLE Environment Conference and the host of the LivABLE By Design Podcast, where she interviews global industry professionals from the built environment in order to share their expertise with her listeners. As the Director of Trade Relations for Caplan’s Appliances, she has the opportunity to work directly with design professionals and their clients on kitchen projects to ensure they understand what makes a kitchen inclusive and well.

With over thirty years of experience in marketing, Linda is the consummate marketing and sales professional. She is known for building community and supporting the Canadian residential design industry through education, industry events, masterclass programs, networking and training. She is a Certified Aging In Place Specialist (CAPS) through the National Association of Home Builders and a Certified Living In Place Professional  (CLIPP) through the Living In Place Institute. She is also Canada’s Ambassador for the Living In Place Institute, which is endorsed by the National Kitchen and Bath Association.  Linda is active with the WELL Building Standards, supporting their architectural initiative as she focuses on becoming an accredited WELL professional.

Linda joined the interior design community in 2009, where she spearheaded the revitalization of  SOFA: Source of Furniture and Accessories, Canada’s only trade design centre located at the International Centre, Mississauga (Now called Toronto International Design Centre).    During her tenure she held Board positions with the Design and Decorating Association of Canada (DDA), Interior Designers of Canada (IDC), Furniture Bank and the Canadian Furniture Show. In addition she spent numerous years volunteering and supporting ARIDO, NKBA, BILD, CMG and TSA.  Today, Linda is an accomplished and recognized industry partner.

With a passion for living in place, Linda focuses her efforts on helping the trades grow their business in this emerging niche market.   She supports the movement towards Canada becoming one of the most accessible countries; “a place where our homes are built to include everyone and that our spaces adjust to us over the course of an entire lifetime”.  As a result, Linda does her part by consistently advocating for the design/build trades to create beautiful, comfortable and safe environments that seamless incorporate features so spaces are tailored towards inclusion, accessibility and wellness.  She  believes “every home, should be designed for a lifespan, so our spaces adapt to our changing needs regardless of age, income, size or ability.”