Save Time And Make More Money In 2018

Save Time And Make More Money In 2018

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Save Time And Make More Money In 2018

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Plan, organize and present Projects & Products in one place. Pull Storyboards and Finish Schedules together in seconds!

Stay Organized: Say goodbye to folders within folders, spreadsheets, and siloed apps. Your room photos, notes, and to-do’s go in spaces along with products you suggest, source and select.

If you are a design professional, you know that your job is not always paint chips and storyboards. You spend a lot of time (probably too much) keeping track of projects and details on excel sheets, organizing photos, notes and to-do’s, and flipping through files and paper. Designers often find themselves buried in administrative work instead of doing what they love, designing beautiful spaces.

Luuma makes it easy to plan, organize, and present Projects and Products to your clients, team and trades.

Pulling a room together just got easier. Capture information while you’re sourcing on the web or in real showrooms – don’t worry about finding notes later. Tap and snap pictures, price tags and stickers.

Show the images you want. And send clients real-time updates – easily swap out an item in a storyboard without having to reprint, re-paste, and resend. Communicate visually with everyone on the same page.

Lose the brain strain!

One simple framework anyone can learn in minutes and feel great doing it. It’s easy to see what’s in your project.

Collaborate in the office or on the go. Luuma from your desktop, tablet and your mobile.

Available on the App Store and Google Play.

If you’ve been looking for someone or something to help you stay on track and get organized, consider it done. Sign up for Luuma today!


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