Renovators’ Remix: A playlist that pays off

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Renovators’ Remix: A playlist that pays off

We’re still accepting suggestions for our contest seeking out song titles and band names that relate to construction and homebuilding. We’ve already had some great ones including Handy by Weird Al Yankovic (thanks Anne Butler, of Master Edge Homes), Up On the Roof by the Drifters (from Blondie Neff of Sunshine Roofing – of course!), and Hard Hat and a Hammer by Alan Jackson (one of several suggestions from Jax Bailey of J. Bailey and Sons New Homes & Renovations).


Do you have any additions to the list? Send us your contributions and we’ll compile a list in an upcoming issue of the magazine. If there’s a story behind the music, share it with us.


Plus, we’ll randomly select three entries and send them a DeWalt ToughSystem jobsite radio and charger (DWST08810) with $299 each.

Send your playlist to allan@renocontractor.ca.



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