Work Smart, Not Hard

Work Smart, Not Hard

Cuts Like a Knife

Dan Wall of Covennat Construction in London, Ont., actually sent us a couple of ideas, but we liked this one the best, in part for following the keep it simple, stupid principle:

I picked up an electric carving knife at a second-hand store. It makes cutting Roxul installation easier, faster and better.

Get the Job Done

Perhaps you’re one of those guys who paints silhouettes of your tools on the walls of your cube van so you can quickly see if you’ve left anything behind before pulling out of the customer’s driveway? Or maybe you’ve got some computer smarts and have created your own spreadsheet for tracking orders, billing, and scheduling your crews? Whatever it is, we want to know what you do to get the job done quicker, cheaper, more efficiently, or even all of the above.

Email your ideas to our managing editor, Allan Britnell: