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10180 Derry Road, Milton, Ontario
$504 990.00

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2-Storeys, Detached, Townhomes

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Mattamy’s newest Master Planned Community overlooks the natural splendor of the Sixteen Mile Creek. Enjoy the views of this preserved landscape from your own backyard in the highly desirable ravine lots.
Hawthorne South Village Sixteen Mile Creek offers a current extensive collection of Condo Towns & 30′ & 36′ Detached Homes in a variety of interior and exterior designs.
People live in houses. And we live together in neighbourhoods. The Mattamy Way is an approach to home and community design that prioritizes how you really live—throughout every hour of your every day.
We understand that your trust must be earned. So we pay attention to what you and industry professionals have to say. Listening has been, and always will be, how we learn to make your home & community lives better.
Before a pencil is ever put to paper—and long after the last hammer is packed away—we start a conversation with you, our homeowners. This is how we’re able to report that Mattamy Homes is consistently ranked first in quality, value, and customer satisfaction.
Every Mattamy home is designed by a certified Architect to maximize all usable space—and to make that space the most livable, sustainable, and inspiring environment for you.
We choose our neighborhoods by first evaluating what nature offers. Then, anticipating how you might use and appreciate your community, we introduce elements like parks, trails, and other amenities that deliver anything you might need, desire, or enjoy.
We’re with you every step of the way. We’re grateful for your trust and work to reward it daily—as you plan, throughout the construction of your home, and as you live within any of our communities.
Each person on our team has an important role to play in helping you achieve your dreams of home ownership. We take this responsibility very seriously and want to always build communities and homes that together we can be proud of.

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Hawthorne North & South Village

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2-Storeys, Detached, Townhomes

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$504 990.00

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10180 Derry Road, Milton, Ontario

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