Portable productivity by MacBook Air

Portable productivity by MacBook Air

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Portable productivity by MacBook Air

A smartphone, a tablet or a laptop? Or all three? Many have a preferred go-to device that they use most of the time. Others still need a traditional screen and keyboard computer for their computing needs.

A well-rounded alternative to this dilemma is the latest version of the 13-inch MacBook Air.

Easy on the eyes

The stunning, high-resolution, 2560 x 1600 pixel, 13.3-inch retina display make images pop and small text is razor-sharp. Its True Tone technology further enhances your visual experience by automatically adjusting the white balance to match the ambient colour temperature of the room.

This reimagined model is eco-friendly with the chassis composed of a strong 100 per cent recycled aluminum – a first for Apple. They’ve managed to make the overall wedged-shaped MacBook sleeker by having thinner borders and extending the display right to the edge of the glass. The previous generation was almost 1.2-inches wider, 0.5-inch deeper and 1/4 pound heavier, than the current model.

Reliable features

The MacBook Air still maintains a full-sized keyboard, and features LED-backlit butterfly keys. This provides a more precise, and stable, touch with a slimmer mechanism. The ambient light sensor makes it easier to type in low-light conditions. The new Force Touch trackpad is 20 per cent larger, offering more room for manoeuvrability. It’s also pressure sensitive with an uniform response, which makes navigating easier.

Improved simplicity

With the two Thunderbolt (USB-C) ports, there’s no need for a plethora of connectors. It has three on-board microphones for better voice reproduction and clarity, as well as a standard headphone jack. It also has two built-in stereo speakers that deliver more bass, 25 per cent more volume and better clarity.

Like many smartphones and tablets, MacBook Air now features a Touch ID sensor button located at the top right of the keyboard. This welcomed addition allows the user to sign-in or unlock documents by simply using their fingerprint. In addition, it can be used for Apple Pay for select on-line shopping purchases. There’s no need to constantly enter a credit card or billing information. The computer’s built-in T2 security chip will keep data safe, secure and encrypted.

Stay connected

MacBook Air has the latest Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2 for wireless connectivity, and a 720p FaceTime HD Camera for video chats. It comes with the Apple Mac operating system Catalina 10.15, and pair wells with an iPhone. Text messages can be sent, and received, on both devices. There’s also a handoff feature, which allows the user to start typing on one device and finish it on the other.

Accessibility features allow users to use voice control, voice over, text zoom, text-to-speech and, of course, the lovable Siri. The battery life is rated at up to 13 hours.

The MacBook Air is the ultimate portable for serious work or just plain fun. Prices start at $1449.00 for the 1.6GHz entry-level model. Available in gold, space grey and silver, through Best Buy, Staples or the Apple Store.

Greg Gazin is a syndicated tech columnist, blogger, podcaster, and contributes to canoe.com, Troy Media and Active Life magazine.



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