Outlook 2020 – Art Rubino, Contracts Manager & Marketing Manager, Regal Crest Homes

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Outlook 2020 – Art Rubino, Contracts Manager & Marketing Manager, Regal Crest Homes

Part of our series of Outlook 2020 Q&As with building industry executives

What is the outlook for the new home industry in 2020?

There are buyers out there, as witnessed during several openings this year. If the developer does not adjust his land price to more current numbers, then sales will not be evident. This year looks promising, and several new projects are slated for release.

Art Rubino
Art Rubino, Contracts Manager & Marketing Manager Regal Crest Homes

And for your company?

Regal Crest is preparing two large project releases, as well as two new phase releases. We are bullish on new home sales, and our development arm is staying abreast with consumer demands, so we can deliver what our customers want.

What is your company doing to address the issues facing the homebuilding industry – namely, affordability and new home supply?

We are currently redesigning down – eight-ft. basements instead of nine-ft. basements… Nine-ft. main floors instead of 10-ft… Architectural design made more simple for construction.

What more could the industry do to address these issues?

The stress test is killing us, and yet the government continues to pound away. Increased development charges pressure the builder and developer to raise prices due to increased costs. We need to lobby the government to remove the stress test and to open doors for immigration – with skilled labour.

What should prospective new-home buyers know about your company for 2020?

Our website is up to date with current availabilities, but they should know that Regal Crest Homes has been building homes since 1965 and will continue to build for another 54 years.

Why should prospective new-home buyers consider buying from your company in 2020?

Our consistent delivery of quality-built product continues to be our success.

We build homes better today than yesterday, and when spending your life savings, you really want a quality-built product that will last the test of time. The days of buying and selling quickly are gone, and you want a really well-built home. That’s what we do best!

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