Outdoor Life More Than Pleasant, It's Much Healthier

Outdoor Life More Than Pleasant, It’s Much Healthier

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Outdoor Life More Than Pleasant, It’s Much Healthier

Future generation of Canadians face health risk from life indoor

The VELUX Group has unveiled the results of The Indoor Generation report – a survey that found an overwhelming misconception about the impact on our health caused by spending too much time indoors, especially on children, whose bedrooms which can be the most polluted room in the house.

The Indoor Generation refers to the growing number of people who spend the vast majority of their time indoors – currently 90 per cent of their lives – compared to previous generations.

Everyday home life activities, such as cooking, cleaning, showering, lighting candles, air drying clothes indoors and even sleeping and breathing, all contribute to polluted indoor air, which over time can lead to mould and damp homes, increasing our risk of developing asthma, respiratory diseases and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Pollutants present in everyday household objects are releasing toxins into our homes – detergents and the plastic toys that we give our children to play with, as well as building materials, are just some of the items which can worsen our indoor air quality.

It’s believed more children will suffer from asthma or allergies unless homes and public buildings are better ventilated, and the chances of being diagnosed with asthma increase by 40% if you spend too much time in damp, mouldy buildings.

The survey also found a significant disconnect between how people think they live their lives and the way they actually do, with only a quarter of people (26%) in Canada saying they spend 21 hours or more inside. But the actual figure is far more worrying, with previous research discovering a new ‘indoor generation’ who spend about 90% of their time – and often in dark, poorly ventilated and unhealthy buildings. In fact, 1 in 6 Europeans live in unhealthy buildings.

Peter Foldbjerg, head of daylight energy and indoor climate at VELUX, said: “We are increasingly turning into a generation of indoor people where the only time we get daylight and fresh air mid-week is on the commute to work or school. Modern life can often involve an early start to the day, race to work where we spend eight to ten hours inside an office and then straight home, or sometimes making a stop off for groceries or for a quick workout inside a damp and sweaty fitness centre.

“Most people think that indoor air, the air in their homes is better than the air we breathe outdoors, but, it may be worse, up to five times more polluted than outside,” said Nels Moxness, President & CEO, VELUX Canada Inc. “The numbers in our report indicate a lack of awareness about the impact of always being indoors – and today’s indoor generation children are those who are most likely to suffer from conditions that affect their physiological and psychological state. Through this report we aim to educate and foster discussion around healthier living habits.”

VELUX has launched a short film “The Indoor Generation” to raise awareness of the importance of living in healthy homes and the small changes that everyone can make to improve their living environment and indoor air quality. Check it out here.

Six simple steps to make the air inside your home healthier:

  • Open your windows at least three to four times a day to allow fresh air in and open your blinds to let the sun/natural light into your home
  • Keep bathroom doors closed and turn on the extractor fan or open a window when showering
  • Turn hood fan on when cooking and open your windows
  • Don’t burn candles
  • Dry clothes outside
  • Clean regularly with environmentally friendly products
  • Inspect home fans
  • Hypoallergenic air filters in HVAC systems and air purifiers



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