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The ONTARIO DESIGN Trade Sourcebook is ONLY available to interior designers, decorators, set designers, architects, facility managers, specifiers, builders and renovators within Canada.

ONTARIO DESIGN is an annual sourcebook that is delivered free of charge once a year to over 12,000 trade professionals in Ontario and across Canada. It provides both residential and commercial trade professionals with a comprehensive directory of various products and services available in Ontario and across Canada.

Our publication is distributed by direct mail to individuals who have requested a copy on-line or through key industry trade shows, events and building and design centres. In addition, we distribute the ONTARIO DESIGN Trade Sourcebook to each member of ARIDO (Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario), DDA ( Decorators & Designers Association of Canada),  the NKBA (National Kitchen and Bath Association) and the OAA (Ontario Architects Association). We also distribute to selective members of the BILD (Building Industry and Land Development Association).

Copies of Ontario Design can also be picked up free of charge during the year at our head office, at building and design centres, design libraries, industry trade shows and events. If you miss our bulk mailing or wish to order additional copies of Ontario Design, they can be mailed to you anytime throughout the year for a charge of $10.00 Canadian to cover shipping and handling.

Just a reminder that it is important to keep us updated as to any address changes if you want to receive your copy of the Ontario Design Trade Sourcebook by mail each year (trade only!)

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