No “I” on this island, but lots of “us”

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No “I” on this island, but lots of “us”

Here in Canada, there’s much talk about improving urban density to avoid continuous sprawl. But we’ve got nothing on other parts of the world. Take Santa Cruz del Islote, a tiny island off the coast of Columbia. More than 1,200 people live on the 130,000-sq.ft. (0.012 km2) island, making it one of the most densely populated places on earth. Residents are serviced by a school, two stores, and one restaurant. Haiti’s Ilet a Brouee lays claim to the most densely populated island on Earth, with 500 people crammed into 0.004 km2, which works out to 125,000 people per km2. The most densely populated place in the world is thought to be the Dharavi slums in Mumbai, India, where as many as 300,000 people live per square kilometre. By comparison, Toronto has about 4,500 residents per km2.


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