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National Homes is celebrating 25 years of excellence

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National Homes is celebrating 25 years of excellence

For National Homes, it all began 25 years ago with the vision of one man, Rocco Pantalone. A vision to make the dream of homeownership a reality for Ontarians. Inspired by timeless values and nurtured by hard work and dedication, that vision has blossomed into a leader in real estate who continues to make a positive impact in the lives of thousands of families across the GTA.

Founded in 1992, National Homes has today grown into one of the GTA’s most successful homebuilders. With land acquisition and development, commercial, retirement homes, retail and residential projects in its portfolio of accomplishments, National has developed more than 20,000 acres of land, constructed thousands of sq. ft. of retail and commercial developments and has a growing focus on the highrise residential market.

From Ajax to Oakville, from Toronto to Bradford, National has built more than 15,000 homes and won numerous awards for design and marketing. Along the way, the National Homes brand has become one of the most recognized and respected names in the Greater Toronto Area.

But despite its size and awe-inspiring growth, at its heart, National Homes still remains the caring, dedicated company that treats every single home it builds – no matter how big or small – as special. Because National knows that, to the homeowner, it’s the realization of a lifetime of dreams and aspirations.

It’s really all about you

In fact, this is the core philosophy behind the National tagline: ‘You are the blueprint.’ At National Homes, the company starts with you, the new-home buyer, and your needs. Then it design homes to suit the way you do the things you do. National believes that a home should give you what you truly want. It’s more than just about the features, the quality, the service. It’s really all about you.

To be able to respond to and anticipate buyer’s changing needs, National has put innovation at the core of its business. The company’s R&D department (Blueprint Design Lab) regularly tests products, materials and techniques to improve the quality, safety and comfort of our homes. The new Bright Ideas initiative offers advanced tools and gadgets that make homes smarter, more responsive, more energy-efficient and more time-saving.

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“Innovation has always been a staple of our corporate foundation,” says Deena Pantalone, managing partner and director of marketing and innovation for National Homes. “I’ve travelled to leading international cities where this type of research is being carried out and worked in incubators, labs and accelerator programs globally. We want to anticipate homeowner problems and provide solutions by thinking ahead. We want to provide futuristic homes that are affordable.”

You are the blueprint

In a world of cookie cutter homes and mass-produced designs, four words separate the insipid from the inspired: ‘You are the blueprint.’ It’s a remarkable company credo, a design philosophy, a worthy goal. Most of all, it’s National’s way of saying that everything starts with, and revolves around, you, the homebuyer.

The needs of the customer are the driving force behind every home the company builds. Because, at National, it isn’t about all the great features it puts in. It isn’t just about the quality or service. National believes that a home should give you what you truly want. It should be designed to suit the way you live

Before National Homes puts pencil to paper and nail to wood, its team asks a lot of questions. Of their customers. Of themselves. And of focus groups. Questions like: Where would you like to live? What is your ideal home? What technology would you want in your home? Then they take the answers and design their homes to address those issues. It is how they walk the walk, and how they put the Blueprint philosophy into action.

In January 2018, National held a Blueprint Workshop that brought together creative design thinkers with dozens of past and potential future National Homes buyers of varied ages and demographics. They gathered in the IBM Innovation Space at Venture Labs in Markham, along with National Homes’ staff, designers, architects, engineers and partner leaders for a thinktank dedicated to new homes.

The workshop’s purpose was to provide in-depth insight into homebuyer’s needs and desires, to further research and development efforts to position National Homes as a builder that values innovation and is responsive to its customers. The day’s agenda delved into the homeowner experience beyond bricks and mortar to feelings and dreams. It explored new technology and time-saving solutions, as well as how to make the homebuying experience unique and personalized.

A National celebration

As National Homes marches towards their next milestone, the respected builder takes a moment to look back at the high points of the company’s eventful journey, and thank all the valued partners, trades, staff, associates and homebuyers who put their faith and trust in National Homes. Everyone is invited to join in the celebration of 25 years, an inspiring springboard for the next 25 years and beyond.


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