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The National Home Show Continues to Meld Home and Design

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The National Home Show Continues to Meld Home and Design

by Dena Gouweloos

“Okay Google, make me some coffee.”

Imagine a morning where you didn’t have to roll out of bed, struggle to locate your slippers, shuffle to the kitchen and to painstakingly make yourself a cup of coffee just to get motivated in the morning. What if you could make a freshly-brewed pot from the comfort of your bed? Or, clean the house without having to lift a mop and getting your hands dirty? Or change the channel without a 15-minute search for the ever-elusive remote?

You can see why the concept of a hands-free, tech-filled home is appealing, but did you know it is also possible? Homes are getting “smarter,” more efficient and, above all, with small upgrades, new technology and connected appliances, homes are now reflecting our lifestyles and needs like never before.

“Tech-integrated homes are the way of the future,” says Denise Hayward, show manager for the National Home Show, presented by RE/MAX and co-located with Canada Blooms. “Connecting our living spaces through voice-activated controls and creating self-cleaning rooms are things we once thought only possible in sci-fi movies, but the reality is that it’s easier than ever a turn your space into a handsfree smart home.”

From automatic environment monitoring to voice-controlled everything, our homes have become an extension of our on-the-go lifestyles. The invention of home-automation systems like Google Home and Amazon Echo have revolutionized the way we live, with the option to integrate A.I. such as ‘Alexa’ and ‘Siri’ into everything from our kitchen appliances, thermostats, TVs, garage doors and much more. Gone are the days of coming home to a freezing cold house or forgetting your grocery list at home – press a button and the contents of your fridge are accessible at your fingertips.


March 9 to 18, 2018

Enercare Centre
Exhibition Place, 100 Princes’ Boulevard

“New tech adds an unprecedented level of convenience to the way we live, order food and even shop, so it seems fitting to access these tools in our homes,” adds Hayward. “Whether it’s a simple addition of a no-touch faucet to help keep hands germ-free and clean, or as complex as a new fridge with built-in Wi-Fi capabilities that sends a text when you’re low on milk, it’s incredible to see how far we’ve come and how smoothly and seamlessly these new tools can be integrated into the design of your home.”

While we’ve yet to reach a Jetsons-level of high-tech furniture and conveyor belt floorboards, it’s hard to believe that total home automation isn’t the end goal for developers. Technology and innovation companies are continuing to build and improve upon connectivity and automation in household appliances, and consumers across every market are eager to discover what’s next for their homes.

The trend isn’t going away anytime soon, either—contractors, interior designers, builders and trade shows are featuring more home tech than ever before as new connections and hands-free tools are created. You can see how integrated tech and home design come together seamlessly at the Best Buy feature at the 2018 National Home Show.


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