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Modern mudroom tips


Make it ‘niche’

Organization in this room is key, and a system that works for you is one that’s made for you. When designing a mudroom for a client, it never ceases to amaze me how different and unique each client’s organizational and lifestyle needs are. A system tailored to their specific needs and wants will never disappoint.

When designing an organizational space for your home, be mindful of your lifestyle and consider other members of your household. Who will be using the space, how often, and for what? And equally importantly, what will they have in tow? Pets with food bowls, beds, leashes and toys? Children with backpacks, hockey bags and swimming gear? Snow pants and winter boots? What about your own needs and wants?

If you have really unique needs, such as having to accommodate a lot of people (and stuff) or your space has atypical dimensions, such as very high ceilings, a custom storage system will be the best use of your space. This will create dedicated areas to hang coats, store bags, shoes, dog essentials, sports equipment and the like. The nice thing about custom cabinetry is that you can tailor it to your needs. Custom is the more expensive option, but I’d argue it’s well worth the price.

If you choose to go custom, work with a designer to avoid costly mistakes; they will inform you of all your options. There are amazing and innovative products that maximize every inch of space. Think pullout shoe racks, speciality drawers for keys and electronic devices, or adjustable rods and shelves you can change as your child grows. With the skills of an experienced cabinet maker, you could have an organized mudroom within a reasonable timeline.

If budget is of primary concern, there are also some great budget-conscious products available at big box retailers.

With thoughtful design, stock cabinetry can look fabulous. However, this cabinetry comes only in standard sizes, and it can be labour-intensive to assemble and install.

While you’re poring over all your storage options, think beyond traditional cabinetry. Maybe you even have a piece that you can up-cycle for use in this space. A large antique armoire or dresser can serve as an attractive statement piece in the entrance or hallway while doubling as extra shoe or bag storage.

When it comes to selecting products and materials, always opt for durability. For flooring, choose a material that is slip and stain-resistant, and can withstand the wear and tear typical of high-traffic areas. Avoid using softer stones that are susceptible to scratches from dirt tracked in on people’s shoes. Add even more style and function with a washable, water-resistant rug. I love the indoor/outdoor rugs from Dash & Albert, which are easily washable, stain-resistant, and protect your floors while collecting dirt so it doesn’t get tracked into your home.

Make it fabulous

If you’re working with a designer such as myself, style is likely already part of your plan. Don’t discount the importance of aesthetics, art and accessories in this space. How do you want to feel as you come and go? Ideally, your mudroom is as warm, welcoming and inspiring as the rest of your home. Tile, wallpaper, texture, colour and the right lighting can really make this once-utilitarian room really stand out.

As a designer and mum of three small children, I can speak from experience that with a little forethought, a home can be equally functional and fabulous. If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that life can get crazy, and “home” is our haven. Approach the hectic transitional rooms in your home – and the chaos happening there – with serenity, simplicity and of course, some stylish organization.

Kate Davidson is the Founder and Principal Designer of Kate + Co Design. For more than a decade, the multidisciplinary interior design firm has been providing complete residential and commercial design services throughout North America. Kate + Co is known for creating luxurious livable interiors. kateandcodesign.com @kateandcodesigninc


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