Marble Trend Introducing Stone Italiana

Marble Trend Introducing Stone Italiana

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Marble Trend Introducing Stone Italiana

Now available at Marble Trend: STONE ITALIANA, the leading-edge manufacturer of recomposed quartz products and surfaces.

Stone Italiana has rediscovered qualities which are found in the natural world, such as uniqueness, non-repeatability and variety, yet it never tried to imitate nature. Rather, it has drawn inspiration from it to develop brand new materials that offer improved performance to an ever more discerning market. Research is Stone Italiana’s way of being and interacting with ideas, design and intuitions.

Stone Italiana is dedicated to excellence in design, quality and environmental initiatives, bringing to market a sustainable and advanced product.

The entire Stone Italiana line can be found on our Marble Trend website, and below you will find some clips of highlighted Stone Italiana products.


DNA Urbano is a versatile, resistant, eco-friendly material for environmentally-conscious architecture.

This innovative line of slabs is made from street debris. It is the result of collaboration with CEM Ambiente Spa —a company engaged in the collection and treatment of waste. DNA Urbano consists of street sweeping debris (gravel that builds up along pavement edges). The debris is treated and converted into salvaged material and then becomes a new raw material that allows for energy savings, recycling and lower waste disposal costs


Craken reinvents  the concept of “craquelure” in line with contemporary styles and trends to suit customers looking for truly innovative products.  These are new, prestigious surfaces made entirely of quartz; fragments of slabs recomposed to make highly valuable and sought-after coverings. Craken features uniformity of colour, as the slabs are made from broken up and recomposed monochrome slabs.


U DESIGN features objects that can be personalized to coordinate with quartz countertops or any piece of furnishing. Their modern and design shapes, infinite colours and different finishes, allow to customize each bathroom in colour and style.


Native collection which includes six new quartz-based colours combines the luxurious veins of natural stones with the durability and ease of maintenance that Stone Italiana quartz surfaces are renowned for.


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