Making the Most of a Small Bathroom

Making the Most of a Small Bathroom

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Making the Most of a Small Bathroom

by Samantha Sannella

In a semi-detached house in Riverdale, a tiny cramped bathroom became a restful oasis for a busy professional. The client had several goals in the initial discussion.

  • To make the tiny bathroom more functional
  • To maximize storage
  • To provide a larger bathtub
  • To create a relaxing oasis

The client was presented with 3 options.

  1. Keep the overall space the same and utilize a 60″ tub,
  2. Move a wall 2′ and accommodate a 66″ tub and provide more space within the bathroom,
  3. Enlarge the bathroom to include a separate shower and tub, but lose adjacent family space.

Settling on Option 2, the design team created a solution that included a custom vanity and storage tower to maximize the vertical space. A 66″ tub was sourced that allowed for a more relaxed bath and shower controls were placed for ease of access opposite the showerhead. A Grohe rain shower was also added. The window was enlarged to create a more open feeling within the room.

A single panel frosted glass pocket door allows light to filter into the bathroom making it seem larger. Carrera marble floor, shower and countertop provided a consistent colour palette throughout. The feature shower wall of Carrera teardrop marble adds visual texture. The cabinets were painted Benjamin Moore Pewter, which offers a lovely mix of grey and blue. The cabinetry offered pullout trolley style storage to maximize every inch of space and a built in laundry hamper to hide the dirty clothes. Custom curved mullions add visual interest to the space, while mirrored panels on the storage tower add a bit of glamour. Smoked grey glass knobs from Emtek accent the cabinet doors.

Pendant lights, from LBL, are hung on the vanity mirror from wall canopies. This mix of the industrial styled canopy and the elegant pendant light further the transitional style of the bathroom. Wall mounted Aquabrass faucets help maximize the counter space. The cabinetry is finished with matching crown moulding, which visually helps increase the ceiling height. Quirky décor items, such as the glossy white horse’s head, add a whimsical flair.

SAMANTHA SANNELLA, BFA ID, M ARCH, is a designer, educator and principal at Urban Retreat Homes and an internationally renowned expert in the field of design and architecture. She is a columnist for RENO&DECOR magazine and editor of the Ontario Design Trade Sourcebook.


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