Pure Hazelwood

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Pure Hazelwood is a Quebec company which started from the desperate need of caring parents. Indeed, after the birth of our first child in 1997, we received a gift: an Aboriginal baby necklace made of 4 small wooden pieces on a string, said to help ease teething. Since Patrick had studied in forestry, he could identify hazel wood. I decided to make my own necklaces for my family and friends.

World leader for more than 19 years, Pure Hazelwood is inspiring and constantly ensures the optimization and the quality of its products through its R&D department. The manufacture of products is constantly optimized according to client comments, research findings, and the employees’ expertise. This is what makes Pure Hazelwood a world leader in the field of hazelwood products and Hazelaid’s first and original supplier.

Pure Hazelwood jewelry is decorated with glass pearls, wood beads, or semi-precious stones such as amethyst, quartz or Baltic amber. We were the first company to integrate hazel wood with amber, a known reliever of teething pain and other disorders. The company only rarely uses plastic beads, at a client’s request or for limited editions. All the metal pieces are also lead and cadmium free. You don’t like plastic or you are allergic to metals? Pure Hazelwood customer services will indicate which models to avoid. Elegance and refinement are keys to our creating processes.

Pure Hazelwood

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