Perma-Wood Solariums & Additions


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Perma-Wood® has been a leader in the renovation industry for 30 years.

The idea of a “greenhouse”, “orangerie“or “glass house”, was certainly not new back when Perma-Wood was first conceived. In fact, this architectural innovation has its roots in 16th century Europe. In that era of empire building, fleets of ships were transporting all types of goods, including citrus fruits, and new plant species back to Europe. These citrus fruits in particular were rather popular, but it became apparent that these plants required warmer climates to survive a European winter. The idea of the ”solarium” was born.

Fast forward to the early1980’s and the beginning of Perma-Wood ®. The foundation concept was really quite similar to those early days in Europe. Canadian winters tend to be long and harsh, and force us indoors for a good part of the year. The idea was to create open, bright and dramatic living space using glass and wood in an effort to extend the outdoor season by “bringing the outdoors in”. We started humbly with a small greenhouse window at a home show three decades ago. Despite how far we have come, our original motto of “outdoor living indoors”, still rings true today.

Perma-Wood Solariums & Additions

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