Penguin Condo Reno


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PENGUIN CONDO-RENO was launched in response to inquiries from the customers about whether or not we could apply our proven project management approach to building Second Suites to renovating their Condos.  As we were already quite experienced in Kitchen installs and maximizing space utilization thanks to our experience with basement builds, Condos seemed a logical progression.  And our experience in dealing with municipalities across Southern Ontario would help us deal with the relatively simple needs of a Condo Board, as their prime mission is to protect the condo owners.

The Penguin story began in late 2011, when Guy Solomon launched Penguin Basements to bring a standard of process and professionalism to an industry where he saw it to be lacking.  Guy believed a renovation company should rise above the competition by employing higher build standards, better materials and better process management.  He took his inspiration from the professional home building industry where everything is planned down to the littlest detail unlike most renovation companies that tend to fly by the seat of their pants.  Guy felt that the business should also constantly evolve based on on-going client feedback, and that each quarter should reflect a better built company than the one before.

That philosophy remains true, and the Penguin Family of Companies is constantly looking to improve our standards, processes, and materials to lead the renovation industry forward, while continuing to offer more to  our customers.

Penguin Condo Reno

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