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The Mikey Network is working to create public awareness and provide education about heart healthy lifestyles. Currently we are committed to placing “MIKEYS” (public access defibrillators) in as many high-risk locations as possible so people affected by sudden cardiac arrest might have a second chance at life. Through The Mikey Network, the beat goes on.


A MIKEY is an automated external defibrillator (AED) that can be used to bring a lifesaving shock to a victim of Sudden Cardiac Arrest before emergency services personnel can arrive.

Time is of the essence in the case of Sudden Cardiac Arrest, and with a MIKEY at hand, people can assist in those first few crucial minutes. The Mikey Network was established in memory of our friend Mike Salem, who died of cardiac arrest on a golf course in 2002.


The Mikey Network has a new initiative and it’s called The Mikey Young At Heart Program. The app made for this program helps educate teens on how to perform CPR and use a Mikey AED. Teens will earn volunteer hours by completing this program, learn what to do in an emergency when someone suffers from a cardiac arrest, and fundraise for The Mikey Network along the way!

Mikey Young At Heart

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