Immerspa Inground Hot Tubs


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Water is a truly unique element that stands apart from all others in your outdoor space. There’s nothing quite like it. After all, what other element can be enjoyed through the senses of sight, sound and feel? What other element can look beautiful, calm you by its sound and soothe your aches and pains at the same time? Water can do all that.

ImmerSpa inground hot tubs combine the aesthetics of a gorgeous water garden with the benefits of water massage – at a price that’s comparable to other tubs. Imagine it. No need for an unsightly square tub on your patio, ImmerSpa submerges into the landscape. Add a stylish coping around the edge and you’re ready to enjoy all the pleasures of a luxury spa. Make the most of it by adding a waterfall and surrounding gardens and it’s the most beautiful part of the landscape. All the while, entirely functional, there to soothe whenever you like, in every season!

Sounds wonderful doesn’t it? You probably think it’s out of reach too. Think again. ImmerSpas are an accessible option for anyone considering a tub purchase already. Made from fibreglass, our spas have several advantages. We can offer a variety of shapes, sizes and designs, while delivering it all in

A single, moulded shell. No complicated concrete forms required and the maintenance is minimal. Enjoy functional beauty at a reasonable price.

And to make it all the easier, Immerspa inground hot tubs were designed to be installed by anyone, with no experience and limited materials. There are only a few easy steps!

So we invite you to let your imagination run a little, and consider that the joy of water in your backyard is within reach. Bring the spa experience home with an affordable, easy to install, inground swimmable water feature. ImmerSpa. Simply soak it in.

Immerspa Inground Hot Tubs

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