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Departments: Energy Efficiency

We’re #1 certifier of energy efficient homes in Canada.

We design and deliver green building programs to the residential construction industry. We support these programs with practical training and recognize innovation through our annual EQ Awards. We also consult with leading organizations to create their own energy efficiency programs.

We’re All About Better Built Homes

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do.  We create voluntary, market-based programs that help the residential construction industry build better homes. A case in point is our flagship program—ENERGY STAR® for New Homes the most effective green building program in Canada.

EnerQUALITY has certified more than 60,000 ENERGY STAR® qualified homes since 2005. If you’re wondering what that means in real terms—like the thousands of dollars saved by those homeowners or the many tons of carbon fuel emissions those homes haven’t created—check out this post.


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