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For decades, we’ve been raised to withdraw when the word “financial” comes up. It seems, all the information we have at the tip of our hands isn’t enough to help deal with those complicated financial terms. It’s a shame how looking for simple things such as “insurance” or “financial advice” make us feel overwhelmed. Is this what “getting financially educated” truly means?

Tired of this never-ending riddle, three curious minds daydreamed on ONE hypothetical idea. What would it feel like to solve your financial needs being 100% confident of your decision?

Kirk Purai, a 20+ year financial industry veteran partnered with Diana Feliz and Joyce Padilla, both experts in marketing and innovation, with a mission in mind: Making the experience of getting insured satisfying and feeling in control.

Fast forward to the launch of Attingo – Canada’s unique digital insurance platform that connects people, advisors, and the top Canadian Insurers in a matter of minutes.


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