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Departments: Building Products Suppliers, Product Distributor

At AGC, quality and the widest selection of glass products are the given. But it’s our total commitment to our customers that truly separates us from every other glass company.

You, our customer, are our lifeblood – the reason we’re in business. Sure, we make the glass. But it’s you – talented and skilled architects, designers, engineers, glass fabricators, glass contractors, and manufacturers – who put our glass to work to make our world a better, more beautiful and functional place in which to work and live.

Whether you’re new to AGC or a longtime customer, AGC endeavors to earn your business every day.

For AGC, this means always helping to save you time and needless hassle, and always making it easier to do your job well. It means tailoring our products and services to match your needs, never the other way around. It means responding to you promptly, accurately, and to the absolute best of our abilities. It means investing in new technology and infrastructure to continuously improve our products and to make them more accessible to you.


This is why, today, AGC North America boasts the fastest lead times, why we enjoy a reputation as being the most flexible and easiest with which to do business, and why our executive leadership is fully empowered and accessible to every customer, any time, to help ensure your ultimate success.

Experience AGC today and experience first-hand the benefits of working with the glass company that puts you – our greatly appreciated customer – front and center every day.

AGC Glass

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