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Canada’s First Choice in Garage Organizing!

Where we stand apart from other garage specialized companies is in our combined years of experience in the construction industry & film set building & design expertise for high-end aesthetics and a prestige presentation of your garage. Certainly we design and install functional solutions for a partial wall or a full wall – a gardening centre, a sports centre, a recycling centre, or a work centre, as examples – but when you want function to meet form, 1st Choice Garage Outfitters should be your 1st and only choice.

Increasingly, many homeowners want their garage to look as good as the rest of their home, and an aesthetic transition to and from the garage is important. Our premium finished cabinetry, professionally trimmed high-end PVC slatwall and accessories, Overhead storage solutions and decorative floor coatings and coverings uniquely position us as your single source for a premium and fully finished garage. Canada’s 1st Choice in Garage Organizing.

We specialize in project consultation, design and installation of garage organization, storage and workspace solutions. We guarantee the quality of our products simply because we professionally install them for you. The owners of 1st Choice Garage Outfitters are actively involved in each project to ensure the quality, attention to detail, and pride we have placed in our own garages is met in yours, and that should give you peace of mind.

1st Choice Garage Outfitters

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