Looking In: Eight Different Types of Windows for Home

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Looking In: Eight Different Types of Windows for Home

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If you plan to get your home renovated, then you must implement classy window designs. Windows top the list of most essential installations in the home, so they must be both functional and stylish. There are endless options that are available for you to choose the best windows for your home, and there are multiple factors you need to keep in mind before doing a window replacement in your home.

Some of these are:

  • Consultation with the architect.
  • Precise measurements.
  • Professional installation.
  • Easy on budget.
  • Should meet the requirement of the area.

Why is it so important to choose the right windows for your home?

When you think of getting your house windows replacement for your new home then many factors should be thought upon. Must look for a style that matches the architectural layout of your house. This will help in better coordination of your house theme with the windows.

You must consult for the best type of material for your windows. This will help in longer durability according to the type of climate of your area. Be mindful of the purpose of window installment. Make sure that the windows fulfil the needs which are most important to you including the ventilation, light or interior adornments.


Here are the eight types of windows for your home that you should know:

1. SLIDING WINDOWS: Sliding windows are really popular these days. These windows come with a great variety of modifications and styles. The sliding windows consist of two main sections fitted in the same panel.

One section slides over the other horizontally thus the window opens or closes.

These windows are usually installed in large sizes and by extension, can be costly. They are convenient to open and close and can be a perfect fit if you want to replace windows in your home.

These windows require low maintenance as they use competitively lesser parts. Furthermore, the sliding windows are feasible to open or close and require less effort than other types of windows.

2. AWNING WINDOWS: These windows are hinged and open in an outward direction. Therefore, the awning windows are ideal for areas with excessive rain. The awning windows will let you enjoy fresh air and light in your home even when the weather is harsh with heavy rainfall. They slide away from the rainwater effectively—there are no chances of water leakage inside your room or office. These also come in various sizes and fittings.

The awning windows are best to be used on high walls for a better view. They offer a sophisticated and minimalistic design along with a contemporary look.

3. SINGLE HUNG WINDOWS: Single-hung windows are excessively used in homes. These are considered to be a perfect choice if you want to replace your old windows. The single-hung windows come with a vertically upward-moving section and an upper stationary sash.

These are cheaper than double-hung windows and provide adequate ventilation efficiently. The single-hung windows can be made of different materials including wood, vinyl, or fiberglass.

4. DOUBLE HUNG WINDOWS: Double-hung windows are slightly similar to single hung windows with a difference that both the upper sash and lower sash are moveable. These can be tilted for improved ventilation and easy maintenance. Most people prefer these over other conventional windows because of the better functionality and feasible cleaning.

5. BOW WINDOWS: These are attractive types of windows that give an aesthetic vibe due to the beautiful curvature. These are also called compass windows and are best for a wider view of the exterior scenes of your garden.

These windows are an important part of luxurious resorts and houses. They are recommended by many architects due to their unique and innovative designs.

The bow windows can be installed depending on the curved architecture of a home or a restaurant. These windows give a spectacular exterior view and ultimately add to the beauty of the home.

6. PICTURE WINDOWS: These windows are a perfect choice for people who have great mountainous or natural views outside the home. The picture windows are generally huge, and they do not open.

The windows can be installed to enjoy the outside views from your home while providing privacy. They are easy to maintain as they do not have many mechanical parts. You can choose a size according to the measurement and a style of your choice. The picture windows consist of huge glass, so they allow a lot of light to brighten up your living area.

7. TRANSOM WINDOWS: If you want to light up the entrance of your home, then transom windows are the best fit. These windows are normally placed above the door to adorn the entrance of a room or hallway.

The transom window offers a perfect passage of air or light and they look really attractive, too. These are easily available and have a lot of history. They are easy on the wallet and can be a worthwhile addition to your home.

8. GEORGIAN WINDOWS: This is the most iconic style of windows for a classy and vintage look. Georgian windows were traditionally used in historical buildings, and thus add a taste from the past.

These usually come with six or more glass panels separated by delicate bars. Georgian windows are the best to adorn your home due to the ideal look they provide. You can get these custom-made in unlimited styles and sizes. If you are looking for some iconic window designs, then Georgian windows have got you covered.

It is really important to choose the best type of windows for your home to fulfil your needs. Do adequate research about the windows you want and take complete guidance from an architect. Ensure the quality of the material you are using for the windows for greater durability.


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