Lindvest Homes is doing it differently throughout the GTA

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Lindvest Homes is doing it differently throughout the GTA

How many ads have similar messaging, look and feel? Happy families, renderings of new homes, beautifully written taglines that use different variations of words such as “life” and “build.” What stands out to you? Probably nothing in particular. The homebuilding industry has a set of norms that companies very rarely step outside of.

At Lindvest, they have seen an opportunity arise out of all of the similarity – the opportunity to stand out, to emerge from the confines of the status quo and do something… different. With more than six decades of building experience, Lindvest’s aim has always been to remain as unique as the customers it serves. This trend continues with the current launch of their new marketing campaign.

Do it Differently

This new message, simple and yet provocative, can currently be seen on billboards, televisions and digital platforms throughout the GTA. This message has woven its way into the Lindvest branding, website, social media platforms and more. The goal is for the voice of Lindvest to stand out from the pack by breaking away from the standards of marketing in the industry.

The public is encountering a tone that is as energetic, vibrant and charismatic as the people whose attention it is intended to capture. The imagery focuses on the bold personalities of the customers the company works and interacts with on a daily basis. Gone are the days of the message of blending in, sinking into the sea of similarity.

Do it Differently isn’t performative; it’s prescriptive. Lindvest doesn’t want to claim it’s different just for the sake of being different, but because the company knows that there are people out there who aspire to carve out their own unique path in life. The builder wants to provide a homebuying experience that is as unique and special as it should be. It’s about more than attempting to outperform competitors – the real goal is for the company to better itself.

The message that lies deep within the core of this campaign will act as a driving force as Lindvest continues to push to provide a better overall experience for its customers. The message of Do it Differently won’t only represent the campaign and branding, but the company itself. It will become the golden thread that connects every aspect of Lindvest, from advertising to every member of its dedicated and enthusiastic team.

This is a company that wants its customers to see and feel that everything is done with pride, consistency and energy – but above all – that Lindvest is doing it differently.


To see the new campaign, visit the website, or keep an eye out for their billboards, buses, and digital ads.


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