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Lighting Trends

by Evelyn Eshun

Lighting has the power to influence the mood, atmosphere and perception of a space, as well as enhance textural details. The right lighting can completely transform a room, making it a critical design component. The strategic placement of various light sources are not only for functionality, but help to create a scene that augments the task or activity being performed.

Lighting has come a long way since the Chinese created the first wax candle around 200 BC. Illuminating a space has become a personal expression, an artistic achievement, as well as a reflection on an era’s style. What would a local pub experience be like without the wall-mounted sconces, which provide a moody, ambient light?

These days, the choices are endless and the Lightology show in Dallas is where it all happens. Industry professionals can walk for miles throughout the one-million-square-foot showroom to experience the latest and greatest innovations in lighting. There’s a definite trend in creating light fixtures that bring personal personalities into a room with the use of metals, glass, ceramics, textiles and recycled materials.

Sculptural light fixtures constructed of bent metal and glass provides an edgy, contemporary feel. There’s also a penchant for repeating a single light fixture over a table or island, adding an artistic element to the installation.

Crystals always add glamour and elegance to a light fixture. Metal beads or laser cut shapes are being added to crystal chandeliers, for a more modern interpretation of a classic design.

The technology of LED (light-emitting diode) has brought energy efficiency, and light management to a higher level. LED lights range from 1900K, which emit a warm light like a candle, to more than 7000K, which looks a lot like a bright, sunny day. These bulbs generate very little heat, making them more efficient and safer than traditional incandescent bulbs. Designers are able to create imaginative light fixtures with mixed media, such as paper, fabric, metal and wood. Sculptural expression and dynamic design details are possible, and LED lighting can be imbedded directly into drywall to emphasize architectural detailing.

Designers have an abundant of choices and price levels as it relates to general, task and ambient lighting. Choose what’s right for your client – the possibilities are endless.

Images courtesy of Royal Lighting.

Toronto-based EVELYN ESHUN is an award-winning designer known for her custom-designed residential projects throughout the GTA.


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