Parkbridge bridges the home ownership gap

Parkbridge bridges the home ownership gap

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Parkbridge bridges the home ownership gap

One of the leading operators/developers of land lease communities in Canada is Parkbridge. Owning more that 115 communities across the country, Parkbridge has been helping families and retirees with attainable residential ownership.


There’s a lack of understanding as to exactly what land lease is, and explaining it to friends and family can be difficult. The cost of the land when buying a home may make the purchase prohibitive. Land leasing is a form of home ownership that reduces the capital costs of buying a home. With Parkbridge, residents buy their home. Therefore, they own their home outright, but they lease the land from Parkbridge.


Sought-after locations are high on Parkbridge’s radar, and it’s here that they shine. Perhaps you’re looking for a view of Lake Huron, or you want to be close to Vineland to take part in wine tasting events. Or, how about having access to all the recreational activities associated with Georgian Bay, or the temperate climate of Kelowna, BC? Parkridge has a community that fits with your lifestyle, and ensures that the surrounding amenities, like medical services, shopping, restaurants, theatres, golfing, skiing, boating and hiking trails are close at hand.


Parkbridge takes great care in selecting locations that are accessible to a wider community. They also encourage walkability within their neighbourhoods, in order to foster social connectivity and a true sense of community. While each neighbourhood is different, many residents initiate activities and events for neighbours to participate in. However, each homeowner has the pleasure of enjoying their own outdoor space for gardening, entertaining or relaxing.


Simply put – you own your home, but lease the land that it’s on from Parkbridge. You pay for the structure, but not the lot that it resides on. Once you unlock the money from the sale of your current home, you have more control over your overall expenses. You won’t have large monthly mortgage payments, because they don’t include the land. Property taxes in a Parkbridge community are often lower than those incurred by comparable freehold homes, which helps to offset other monthly expenses. With the land lease model, owners benefit from individual ownership of their homes, and take pride in their personal residence.


Land lease at Parkbridge means that they remain involved in the community by providing professional management, amenity enhancements and specialized real estate services. The company is your partner as it relates to the ongoing interest of the community, as well as the protection of your investment.

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