Kitchen Solutions Help Solve and Serve a Purpose in The Home

Kitchen Solutions Help Solve and Serve a Purpose in The Home

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Kitchen Solutions Help Solve and Serve a Purpose in The Home

Add these kitchen solutions incorporating safety into your home routine helping you prep, cook and serve meals enjoying get-togethers with family and friends year round.

Don’t get caught off guard by a sharp kitchen knife again! Use Sink Safe!

When you’re working in the kitchen, do you ever feel like you don’t know where to safely lay down used or dirty knives? You don’t want to leave them on the cutting board or counter for a child to grab. You don’t want to put them in the sink where dirty dishes or soapy water could conceal them. The danger of someone accidentally cutting themselves is a real problem, especially with children in the home. With the brand NEW Sink Safe knife caddy there’s a convenient place to store your kitchen knives, and even corn cob holders, out of harm’s way between cooking and clean-up.   The unique design allows your sudsy water to seep in and soak your knives safely until you’re ready to put them away or use them again.  In addition to protecting your hands and your loved ones, it also helps protect the knives themselves. Hand washing is the best way to keep expensive cutlery in top shape.

Rapid Slicer helps safely slice small fruits and veggies!

Spend more time enjoying your guests as food preparation is made even more simple with this NEW innovation! The Rapid Slicer is the most handy kitchen solution we’ve all been looking for to hold small fruits and veggies, and meat in place while we slice them up safely! Take a time-consuming task and speed it up easily slicing up fresh cherry tomatoes, grapes, olives and more in a group at once. Rapid Slicer was designed with non-slip feet and sits stationary on the counter as you slice and the lid protects your hand from the knife blade. For small fruits and veggies like cherry tomatoes, grapes and olives, it can hold up to 2 cups! For meat, it can hold 2 chicken breasts, and feel free to thinly slice meats evenly that you and your family most prefer. The Rapid Slicer is easy to clean and top-rack dishwasher safe. FDA approved kitchen grade BPA-free material, and safe for food contact.

Calamityware Porcelain-ware adds a flair!

Add unique serving-ware to any occasion or get-together serving and setting the table with options like the Dinosaur Gangs-All-Here platter, shallow bowls with a surprise fly and small plates with ants! Invite, intrigue and welcome your guests to get together with these porcelain-plates as conversation pieces created with hidden pictures created by Calamityware! Offer home-entertaining inside and out with a whimsical and clever spin on the traditional looking porcelain serving-ware with full dinner sets also unexpectedly decorated with scenes of sea monster creatures, giant robots, frogs, Sasquatch and more worked into the designs! Encourage the lighter side of dinner conversations serving up festive feasts and delicious recipes at family gatherings with a fun-filled experience with Calamityware!


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