Interior and exterior basement waterproofing cost in Toronto

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Interior and exterior basement waterproofing cost in Toronto


The basement doesn’t always get as much attention as the other rooms in a home, yet it can cause a lot of problems for the rest of the house. A wet basement can lead to mould growth or damage to the structural integrity of the house. Even the slightest leak can result in extensive and expensive repairs.

A dry basement can prevent these problems and increase the value of the house when you want to sell. This is very important because every seller is mandated to disclose instances of flooding to the potential buyer, and that information is used in the valuation process. Direct Waterproofing, basement waterproofing company in Toronto, can ensure your basement stays dry to avoid all the water-related problems.

Factors influencing waterproofing costs

The method used: One of the reasons why exterior waterproofing is more expensive is because of the processes involved. Unlike interior waterproofing, it provides a long-term solution, which makes the cost worth it. Other cheaper methods like applying sealants aren’t very effective or practical, especially when there is substantial damage.

Materials that are chosen: The extent of the damage determines the type of materials to be used. For instance, the supplies for repairing a foundation crack may not be the same as for exterior waterproofing. There are cheaper materials that can be used when there is a very tight budget, but they may not have the same longevity as the expensive ones.

Depth of the foundation: The level of excavation needed on the property will also determine the cost. The deeper the foundation, the more materials and labour necessary to complete the job properly. Most foundations range from five to eight ft. When service providers dig more than four ft. below the frost line, window wells will be necessary, and that will increase the cost.

Any other accessories added: Leaks and cracks in basements are sometimes minor issues that can be fixed easily, but determining their complexity is not always easy. The only way is to inspect the reinforcement and determine how the safety of the property has been compromised.

Reinforcements used: Waterproofing costs tend to be higher when drainage systems, sump pumps, backwater valves, and other accessories have to be installed. Most service providers do not include such prices in the installation estimate, which increases the amount you end up paying.

Labour charges: This will depend on the necessary installations and how long the project lasts. A good contractor will work with your budget and still give you quality services.

Exterior basement waterproofing cost

This type of waterproofing involves excavation and building of the full depth of the foundation. Digging will clear debris before a waterproof membrane is put in place. A drainage panel is also necessary, especially one that leads to an outside outlet at the bottom of the foundation. The average cost for such installations in Toronto is $100 per linear ft., but the price can go as high as $300 depending on how easy accessing the foundation is and the depth of the trench.

Interior basement waterproofing

This is usually done inside the building when accessing the foundation from the outside is impossible. It tends to be cheaper than exterior waterproofing. In most cases, it involves straightforward measures like applying sealants or epoxy injections. Waterproofing membranes can also be installed, with a drain connected to the sump pump under the basement. Typically, this service costs $65 per linear ft., but it may go up to $250 per linear ft., depending on the materials used and labour.

Crack repair

The cost of repairing cracks on walls and basement floors depends on their size and whether it is structural or not. If it compromises the structural integrity of the house, more advanced repair methods will be implemented. The cost ranges from $1,600 to $3,200.

Repairing window wells

Window wells are essential in preventing leaks. They collect water and channel it away from the basement and foundation. Repairing an existing one or a new installation involves the removal of dirt and putting in new covers. The cost for this ranges from $1,700 to $3,800.

Installing sump pumps

Sump pumps also have pre-determined lifespans, which means they must be replaced at some point. If they are faulty or outdated, they won’t drain water as intended, which will result in a wet foundation and basement. Repairs and installation costs range between $560 and $3,500.


The main goal of waterproofing is to keep the foundation dry and avoid problems related to excess moisture. Hiring a professional to do the job is the only way to achieve the best results and prevent leaks for a long time.


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