The Humber Condos offer riverside living at Lawrence & Weston in Toronto

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The Humber Condos offer riverside living at Lawrence & Weston in Toronto

Living in Toronto is too often a story of compromises: To enjoy the urban vibrancy of the city, you often have to forgo expanses of nature; in order to afford homeownership, you have to move to the suburbs. With The Humber, an upcoming condo community at Lawrence Ave. W and Weston Rd. in Weston Village, it’s possible to have it all.

Nestled on the banks of the Humber River, a lush ribbon of water, parks and trails that bisects the concrete jungle, The Humber is situated next to a river oasis with sweeping southwest views that will never be obstructed. Meanwhile, city life is never far away. Located a mere three-minute walk from the Weston UP Express stop, it’s only a quick 15-minute zip to Union Station or 12 minutes to Pearson. Whether you’re up for a night on the town or looking to take flight, it’s all within easy reach.

With The Humber, which is developed by Options for Homes, home ownership within the city is also within reach. Operating for over 25 years, Options for Homes is Canada’s largest developer working exclusively on making home ownership more affordable. It’s something that Options has been doing for 25 years – including the first three buildings in The Distillery District and a development in The Junction.

With Options you only need 5% total down payment to buy a condo, and its unique Down Payment Boost offers anyone – not just first-time home buyers – 10% to 15% of the home’s purchase price as a shared-equity down payment loan. The Down Payment Loan helps lower the mortgage required and thereby lowers monthly mortgage payments. That said, first-timers could be eligible for up to a 24% boost! The loan comes with no monthly payments and is due back only when a purchaser sells their home or moves out.

Here’s how that looks. For a home costing $500,000, a purchaser would put $25,000 down and Options would offer a 10% down payment boost, so $50,000, and then owns 10% of the home. If the condo then appreciates to $600,000 in a few years and the owner wants to sell, they would owe Options 10% of the sale price, or $60,000. Both the homeowner and Options benefit from the home’s increase and value, and the homeowner is able to build equity through home ownership.

Options also keeps prices as low as possible by forgoing costly amenities like pools, while investing in beautiful common spaces and environmental features such as solar panels, all in a high-quality building built by Deltera (part of the Tridel Group of Companies), meaning affordability comes without compromise. This results in low and stable maintenance fees, which are a city-low of $0.49 per square foot. The Humber is also pet-friendly, as homeowners are able to own up to two pets, and its Smoke Less policy – which permits only vaping of tobacco or cannabis in the building, including private homes – mitigates the negative impacts of smoking for all of The Humber’s residents.

As a mission-based social enterprise, Options makes a policy of not selling to investors. This ensures that housing affordability is available to middle income Torontonians looking to home ownership for stability and as a means of building equity for their family’s future.

All of this means The Humber, with a large percentage of 2- and 3-bedroom suites, is ideally suited for families and those who value community, something that Options for Homes is known for over its 13 completed developments.

Sheena McDonald, who along with her husband purchased a 3-bedroom suite at The Humber, says this focus on building community was an important factor in their decision to buy. “I feel like it’s rare. We have a number of friends who live at Heintzman (in The Junction) and I’ve learned through them that sense of community actually does exist in Options developments,” she says. “It seems like it’s not your typical condo situation in Toronto.”

While Weston Village is a lesser known corner of Toronto, it already boasts renowned and beloved community events such as the Weston Farmers’ Market (the city’s oldest), its own Santa Claus parade, and Weston Lions Park and arena. And it’s getting a huge cultural boost with the Artscape Weston Commons, which is home to artist housing, Urban Arts and Shakespeare in Action, along with the farmers’ market.

Quality, community and unparalleled natural beauty are hallmarks of The Humber. With excellent transit options, a rejuvenating neighbourhood, and down payment support that makes home ownership possible, The Humber is a perfect place to call home.

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