How to make your home festive, even if you don't want a tree!

How to make your home festive, even if you don’t want a tree!

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How to make your home festive, even if you don’t want a tree!

Any parent would agree that a lot of the Christmas decorations we bring out this time of year (the tree, stockings, lights) are all because of our children. We love to see their faces light up when the tree goes up, and we cherish all of those lovely traditions we create with our families when we decorate our homes with decorations that come out year after year. It’s a magical time for children, as it should be, but if they have grown older, or moved on to school or beyond, bringing out all those boxes of holiday decor when it may just be two of you at home can be, well, daunting. And is it even necessary?

I’ve always been a bit of a minimalist at heart, especially when it comes to the holiday season. I’m not into oversized decorations that cover my home floor-to-ceiling: I prefer a few, curated trimmings that I sprinkle around to give that holiday feel without going too overboard (and, no, we haven’t done a tree in years!).

Here are some festive ideas to bring the magic of the holidays to your home without feeling like you have to recreate Santa’s workshop:

What’s your palette?

It’s okay if you’re not a big fan of red and green (I’m not either), so instead, lean into tones that will complement your existing decor. Silver, gold, and bronze are lovely, and I do love sprigs of evergreen and cranberries added into the mix too.

For the mantel

For a sophisticated display, keep your pairings minimal. A grapevine branch with evergreen branches and pomegranates would look stunning over your mantle, especially if you pair it with a trio of white candlesticks. I also love the use of in-season produce such as lemons, tangerines, and oranges.


Set a cosy scene by wrapping some twinkling holiday lights around a couple of birch logs either on the mantle (if they can fit) or lying in front of your fireplace. Add some simple votives along the sides for a little extra sparkle.

For an end table or deep windowsill

I love the warm glow of a lit candle, so I would set up several glass candlesticks (varying sizes and heights work) with some gold or silver glass votives. Or take some ordinary pillar candles and wrap each with a piece of festive ribbon to boost the holiday vibe. You could also add a few coloured ornaments in a glass bowl of your choosing.

Front door

If you’re not into a Christmas wreath, a beautiful red velvet bow would be just as impactful – and festive. If you do like wreaths, there are so many sophisticated options available now, beyond the traditional pine branches and pinecones. Pottery Barn always has excellent options come the holiday season.

Light in unexpected places

Instead of stringing lights around your trees, and all the usual spots, drape them around different exterior features: A trellis, birdbaths, large flower pots, and other landscaping features you wouldn’t necessarily expect.

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