How a heat recovery system benefits your home

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How a heat recovery system benefits your home

A heat recovery system captures warm air as it leaves your home and uses it to warm fresh air drawn from outside the property. In doing so, users cannot only reclaim some of the heat energy that they would otherwise use, but they can also ensure a constant cycle of fresh air.

Here’s a quick rundown of the main benefits of a heat recovery system.

Reduce your energy bills

A heat recovery system will enable you to recapture some of the heat that you would otherwise lose from your home and put it to good use. This, in turn, means that you get to take advantage of more of the energy that you generate, and so you need to generate less overall. With a heat recovery system in place in your home, you can take some of the strain off your boiler, or whatever your main heating system is.

The less you need to run your main heating system, the less money you will need to pay for your energy bills. A heat recovery system is not going to bring your heating bill down to zero, but in concert with the other benefits that it provides the reduction in your monthly bills is a big plus. Anyone hoping to reduce their monthly energy bills without having to go without a functioning heating system should consider a heat recovery system from a business like BPC Ventilation, who can assist you with installation once your purchase is completed.

Reduce humidity and condensation

Both humidity and condensation in the air can have an impact on your health and the state of your home. A humid atmosphere with lots of condensation makes your home physically uncomfortable to be in while also increasing the chances of mould forming, along with a whole host of other potential issues.

A heat recovery system will bring down the level of humidity and, therefore, condensation within your home. In addition to the benefits of a warmer house, you can also enjoy cleaner and drier air.

Maintain a comfortable atmosphere

A cold home is an uncomfortable home but keeping it warm can sometimes be a delicate balancing act. One of the main benefits of a heat recovery system is that it provides effective heating for your home without ever making it too warm.

A cleaner environment

Because a heat recovery system draws in fresh air from the outside, it is fantastic for improving the circulation of air in your home. When it doesn’t circulate, it stagnates. Dust and other particulate matter in the air will simply hang around in your home until you open a window or circulate the air another way. The heat recovery system will do this job for you and will keep a steady stream of fresh warm air coming into your home.

This makes heat recovery systems a popular choice for people who suffer from asthma or who are otherwise sensitive to the quality of the air around them. Many people find that heat recovery systems are beneficial to their allergies for this very reason. Constantly circulating air means that allergens are not able to build up in sufficient concentrations to cause problems. If you live in a city, or near to a source of air pollution, a heat recovery system will keep recycling air, minimising your exposure to pollutants and carcinogens.

Heat recovery systems are a fantastic way of heating your home, reducing your energy bills, and maintaining clean, pollution-free air in your home. This makes them an excellent investment for any homeowner.


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