How to decorate with plants

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How to decorate with plants

Real or faux, plant lover or plant serial killer, or in between, one thing is for sure: We have an innate longing to connect to the great outdoors. Also known as biophilia, it implies that our need to connect with nature affects our physical, mental and social needs which ultimately improves our wellbeing and productivity. This concept is used in interior design by introducing aspects such as plants, water, natural light as well as elements such as wood and natural stone to simulate nature indoors.


How do interior decorators and designers do it? By adding greenery into their design schemes. Plants have been proven to not only reduce stress but also increase happiness and help purify the air. They also improve our clarity of thought, as well as acting as a natural mood booster. Now more than ever, as the world continues to urbanize and a lot of our time is spent indoors, it is not only necessary but essential to create indoor environments that reference nature in different ways.

Which brings us to these questions: Are real plants better than artificial plants? What about wallpaper? Is it a tangible enough presence that can improve our connection to the great outdoors? I am here to tell you that all plants can have a good effect on you.

The 90s style wallpaper that featured plants and flowers is back but with an updated modern twist. Using an oversized botanical motif, cascading foliage, succulent leaves and intricate tapestry detail, wallpaper can be one way to connect to the great outdoors without the effort and commitment.

You can create an indoor oasis that will serve as a refuge from the outside world, whether you live in a condo or house, and if you choose real or faux plants. The positive effects of any greenery will add to your well-being.


Bilha Kangethe is the Founder and Creative Director of The Lifestyle Loft. As a certified designer and interior decorator, she has created a company that focuses on the needs of each client and customer and helps them curate a lifestyle that is comfortable and economical.



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