Get fit, designer Jo Alcorn shares an inspiring home gym renovation

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Get fit, designer Jo Alcorn shares an inspiring home gym renovation

When I found out my clients wanted to do a home gym renovation, I was ecstatic. With all the restrictions due to the pandemic, I thought it would be the perfect time to show these homeowners how to maximize their space with a home gym tailored to their needs.

In this space, weight training and yoga were the two primary activities. With this in mind, I divided the space into zones.

The first was the yoga zone. I wanted this space to be serene, relaxing and warm. To achieve the feel I was looking for, I chose a fireplace from Dimplex. The company’s Ignite linear electric fireplace was the perfect fit because it gives off heat when you want to cosy up for some downward dog, yet, if you want to turn the heat off while working out, you can also use it with just the flame feature.

What gym is complete without a television? I chose the Q8G Quantum Dot TV from Hisense for this space.

The image on the screen is so life-like you’ll think the yoga instructor is in the room with you. This Android TV is user friendly, and you can easily stream thousands of movies, shows or YouTube videos while working out.

Now for the weight training zone. I wanted to distinguish the two areas, so I created an architectural component by adding wood slates to the ceiling. I had the contractor cut the floor and ceiling slates on an angle to create even more of a visual appeal, playing up lines and focal points. Having the pipes exposed created that raw industrial look I wanted. To achieve this look, I worked with Metrie to build a custom slatted wood ceiling. I used a two-in. oak flat stock boards, leaving a small gap between each slat to achieve my industrial look. I didn’t want to cut any corners in this space, so I also added in Metrie’s vintage industrial baseboards and casing, plus a door with black hinges and door handle. Sometimes, it’s these small details that make the biggest impact.

Adding music to your workout is such a must to keep you motivated

Adding music to your workout is such a must. The Sonos Move and Beam gives studio-level vibes, and the high-quality sound will keep you motivated to get in that last rep. They were super easy to set up: Download the Sonos app, connect to your WiFi network and press play. As a bonus, the Move is a portable speaker that works on both WiFi and Bluetooth, so if you want to cool down outside, you can take your tunes with you.

I wanted to make sure this space was clean, tidy and that clutter wouldn’t take away from the joy of their workout. I worked with Tailored Living to create a beautiful built-in custom storage cabinet. It has uppers and lowers for equipment storage and counter space to house essentials such as water bottles and speakers.

Now for the finishing touches. I wanted to create a dramatic effect with the artwork. I worked with Posterjack to create larger than life inspiration prints. I went to Etsy and bought some gym inspired digital artwork. All I had to do then was upload the images at Posterjack, pick the exact frame style and size of print I wanted and… voila! Art complete.

Finally, what people might not think about having in a gym are tools to help you with post-workout soreness. This gym is meant for challenging workouts and with that comes sore muscles. I love Rub A535 products to help manage pain. Not only did we need this when building the gym (DIYs and home renovations come with their own set of muscle soreness) but post-workout, it’s perfect for managing pain and muscle fatigue.

Jo Alcorn has more than 15 years experience as a celebrity interior and home product designer, expert instructor, corporate ambassador, TV personality and a strong female entrepreneur. alcornhome.com


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