Georgian Communities believes in the importance of home as a haven

Georgian Communities believes in the importance of home as a haven

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Georgian Communities believes in the importance of home as a haven

Georgian Communities remains committed to the safety and well-being of all staff, communities, valued clients, and front-line workers during this time of hardship, and offers its support and compassion to all as we as a community continue to stay strong and keep moving forward. In these times of duress, we are all facing uncertainty in the face of unprecedented challenges. As a society, however, our ability to adapt is nothing short of inspiring.

With self-isolation protocols in place, systems and services have rapidly gone digital in order to adapt to the current situation. Our biggest tool in these circumstances has been the opportunity to work remotely, something that has allowed thousands of people globally to continue their important work from the comfort and safety of their own homes, including Georgian’s own staff. But with so many people working from home, it is now that people truly realize the value and importance of a home. Your home is a haven, and spending so much time in it should bring you peace and comfort.

The team at Georgian Communities is working hard to provide unique opportunities. There are three communities that Georgian has committed heart and soul to bring to life outside the city – Braestone‘s classic farmhouse estates, Windfall‘s singles and semis bordering Blue Mountain, and Mountain House‘s chalet-style condos. All of these inspired communities are designed to bring families together. These are places to breathe, places to live, and places to live like no other. Georgian Communities has put endless thought and care into crafting homes that will provide what people truly need – love, safety, and family.

These communities reflect the life of serenity that every homeowner deserves, with homes steeped in natural beauty yet surrounded by convenient amenities. These homes are designed to be welcoming, open, and tranquil. Their locations are hand-chosen to offer the most of Ontario’s natural beauty and charm, surrounded by forested landscapes and endless acres of conservation and farmland. From the breathtaking slopes of Blue Mountain to the meadows and woods of the Oro- Medonte region, life takes on a new meaning in simplicity and nature. With prices from the $300,000s at Mountain house, the $500,000s at Windfall, and $700,000s at Braestone, there are homes for all walks of life. Georgian Communities have been thoughtfully crafted for homeowners to represent the best of what each unique region has to offer historically and architecturally, and provide everything that is important in a forever home.

The beautiful presentation centres are currently closed in order to ensure the safety of staff and clients, but during these times, staff at Georgian Communities is working hard to accommodate the needs of all present and future homeowners. Working remotely, Georgian is offering virtual appointments to accommodate the needs of clients. Staff is available to answer any questions about these special communities when the time comes, and is ready to welcome clients to the ever-growing family.


The sales team continue to work remotely. Visit our website to contact us, or register today for more details straight to your inbox.


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