Fireplace installation – is it worth the investment?

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Fireplace installation – is it worth the investment?

When it comes to upgrading interior aesthetics, there are many details you need to focus on. If you are keen on going for a cosy living room look, one that provides you with that comfortable feel as soon as you step inside, perhaps it’s time to consider installing a fireplace.

Once you browse through a few home and decor magazines or sites, you’ll see that the majority of stylish homes incorporate a beautiful fireplace. However, because each home remodel or addition comes with certain financial requirements, before deciding to pursue one project or another, you need to first establish whether the benefits outweigh the costs.

Gas fireplaces have become the preferred option here, so you’ll probably decide on a model that fits within this category. But what exactly can a gas fireplace offer? What benefits make your investment worth it here? Take a look at some of the aspects determining homeowners to install their own gas fireplace:

Boosts the visual appeal of the place

Let’s start with what usually draws the most attention and that is the aesthetical boost this type of home addition guarantees. The visuals of your interior design will be immediately improved, once you have a fireplace installed. This item gives any room character and makes the interior design look far more inviting.

While usually, fireplaces are installed in lounge settings and living rooms, the great thing about gas options is that they are versatile and can be easily added to any space. This means, if you want a fireplace in your master bedroom you have the possibility to add one there as well. One thing remains certain, regardless of how your interior looks like at the moment, it will look much better with a fireplace, this functioning as an attractive focal point.

Provides an intimate, cosy setting

Sitting in front of the fire on a cold evening, sipping some tea or a glass of wine will certainly make lazy days feel far more enjoyable. A fireplace is the type of element that can instantly create an intimate and cosy setting you can enjoy together with your significant other.

It’s important for your home interior to offer you that comfortable and relaxing atmosphere, and with this type of addition, you’ll benefit from a warm ambiance. Couples in particular love the romantic vibes a fireplace ensures, so if you want to have the perfect spot for a “dreamy escape” with your loved one, this is the type of home improvement project to opt for.

An alternative heat source

While you will probably not rely on a fireplace to keep your entire house warm during winter season, it can provide you with a reliable alternative heat source. This element certainly adds warmth to any setting, and in the eventuality of electricity being out, with a fireplace you’ll still have a source of heat until things are fixed. For a spacious living room, fireplace installation can matter, making it easier for the warmth to spread out throughout the entire area.

Easy to use

While the traditional fireplaces you would get back in the day were a bit more difficult to use, and some of today’s models running on wood might still be inconvenient for the common homeowner, gas fireplaces don’t raise any concerns here. All you need to do is click a switch or press a button, and the fire will be started – no effort from your part whatsoever. Finding, stacking and splitting logs won’t be something you are required to do if you go for a fireplace running on gas, and there won’t be any ashes to clean afterwards. In terms of convenience, you can’t find any downsides to a gas fireplace.


It’s energy efficient

This type of fireplace is also known to be energy efficient. Because it provides you with an alternative heat source, it might allow you to cut down on some of your utility bills. It’s also far more advantageous in this department than other models available on the market. So in the long run, a gas fireplace will provide you with cost-saving opportunities.

Style variety

Since one design won’t suit all interiors, there’s a wide selection of fireplace styles available in the marketplace. It’s highly important to choose the right size for the space where it will be installed, in order for the heat to actually be felt across the entire room. The dimensions and specific style details of the fireplace will also influence how visually-coordinated your entire interior decor is. Check out different models, try to picture how a specific style would look like in the room you want to install it, and decide on the option that draws your interest most.

Boosts home value

Last but not least, you shouldn’t forget about the boost in home value this type of interior addition might ensure. A fireplace is often considered a luxury upgrade, so in terms of home value, it contributes to how much you can ask for the property, if you intend to sell it. Fireplaces have always been an alluring feature, and someone who’s hunting for their dream home is more likely to pay the price you’re asking for, if you have one or several fireplaces installed. So, if you ever decide that you want to sell your house, you will certainly get quite the appealing return on your initial investment, and you’ll attract far more potential buyers.


Whenever you are making improvements around the house or considering certain additions, it’s important to assess potential benefits from the start, in order to decide whether the investment is worth making or not. Considering how much a fireplace contributes to your interior aesthetics, but its functionality as well, installing one in your home might be a wise choice. Look over all of these factors, and you can easily reach a conclusion. With a fireplace in your living room, you’ll start enjoying the space more than you have until now.


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