Field Tested: DeWalt 20V Max Green Rotary Laser

We field tested the DeWalt 20V Max Green Rotary Laser

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We field tested the DeWalt 20V Max Green Rotary Laser

The DeWalt 20V Max Green Rotary Laser (model DW079LG) is a self-levelling laser that has a 250′-range (2,000′ with the included detector) and is accurate to within 1/16 of an inch per 100 feet.

The tool comes in a TSTAK case with a 20-volt battery and charger, and has a three-year warranty that includes one-year service.

It has an IP67 rating for debris and water resistance (meaning it’s dust-proof and can withstand water immersion up to 1 metre depth) and two-metre drop protection.

It was a 2016 Pro Tool Innovation Test & Measurement (PITA) Award for the Rotary Laser Level category and selected as a 2017 winner of the Red Dot Award for Product Design.

First Impressions

All three testers were impressed right out of the box – literally. “I was happy to see that it came with the DeWalt TSTAK case. Once it was open I noticed that the unit came in a nicely moulded case keeping the contents secure,” says Richardson. Janssen agrees: “The laser and accessories are stored in a sturdy, well-organized inside. Everything is in view when you open the top, and the laser and all accessories have a specific place inside the foam insert.”

Speaking of accessories: “The accessories with this tool are great; the wall bracket is nice, the remote is very handy when tool is not in a central location, and we have used the detector with a story pole to great success in levelling floors and ceilings,” says Stubbs, adding, “Love the green lasers, big upgrade on the older red ones.”

Green lit: Our three testers all liked the highly visible green light that the DeWalt 20V rotary laser uses and the orderly, stackable case it comes in.
Green lit: Our three testers all liked the highly visible green light that the DeWalt 20V rotary laser uses and the orderly, stackable case it comes in.

As for the unit itself, “The laser feels very sturdy. It has an oversized frame making it easy to handle and durable. Setting up the laser is easy. It’s self-levelling so get it close and it takes care of the rest! The green laser is very visible and the rotational speed is adjustable; high speed makes the line seem continuous,” says Richardson.

Jobsite Experience

“It’s quick and easy to set up and take grade shots. The guys like the sturdy build of the unit and the fact that we can use our existing batteries,” says Janssen. “The green light seems to be easier to see when the lighting is bright, for locating it on other surfaces.” His only real issue with the kit was that while it came with a 5/8″ tripod adaptor, you have to source a tripod separately.

“The overall accuracy of the laser is good. If the laser is knocked out of level it will beep intermittently until it is reset by powering off and back on,” says Richardson. “The biggest issue I have with the laser is the receiver that it came with. The receiver will indicate with an arrow that the point being levelled should go up or down. But it does not show the measurement; only up, down, or level. The Stabila LAR-250 rotary laser [that I’ve used previously] gives a measurement as to how much the surface is out of level making adjustments much easier. This DeWalt laser is good product with many uses, but it falls short of one basic necessity: incremental measurements on the receiver.”

“I’d thought of this tool as more for new construction, but I have found it to be a great renovation tool as well,” says Stubbs. “We’ve used it for levelling slabs, floors, and ceilings. We have also used it for a few outdoor projects this spring. It gave us a super-accurate level fence line, and we’ve used it for deck framing as well as a siding job. With the older housing stock of Toronto levelling things is a big part of our scope and I’m glad to have another tool to help us with that.”

The Testers

Paul Richardson of PTR Carpentry Inc. in Burlington, Ont., has been a Renovation Contractor advisory board member since our first year of publication. He’s also a seven-time Homestars “Best Of” award winner.


We first met Jeremy Stubbs of Craftsman Renovations in Toronto at one of our Renovators’ Roundtable events in Niagara Falls, Ont. He first appeared in the pages of Renovation Contractor in our Feb./March 2019 issue, sharing his thoughts on the Reno Run app.


Paul Janssen and his wife Margaret operate JDC Custom Homes in Melancthon, Ont., a rural community northwest of Toronto. The Janssens previously appeared in our recap of Breakthrough Academy’s Winter Summit in Colorado in our Feb./March 2019 issue.


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