Exterior home improvement tips for the fall

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Exterior home improvement tips for the fall

When you think of home improvement projects, it’s easy to get caught up in the interior ideas. Renovating your kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms make home life more comfortable and give the house an aesthetic appeal. Yet, to overlook the exterior of the property would be a mistake.

The exterior of the home is one of the first things people see when visiting your property. It helps to provide a first impression and, therefore, should be invested in on occasion. The exterior is also what provides you shelter from various elements of weather. If you don’t take care of it, your home loses its efficiency and causes expensive problems.

Fall is the perfect time to get started on home improvement projects. The weather is perfect and it’s just before winter when an ill-prepared home can become pretty unsafe. If you’re looking for great ideas to make your home more efficient and aesthetically appealing this fall, consider these exterior home improvement tips below:

Maintain the roofing system

The roof is one of the most essential parts of the home’s structure yet homeowners commonly forget to keep it maintained. Missing or damaged shingles on the roof, however, can cause significant structural damage. Not to mention, clogged gutters can cause flooding, pests, and other issues for the home. Though some people feel safe using a ladder and working on the roof, it is often best to leave this to the pros so no one gets hurt. Have a roofer inspect the roof make any necessary repairs, and clean the gutters so you’re ready for the winter.

Check for pests

Insects and pests are looking for a warm place to stay as the weather gets colder. Since they make their way into your home from the outside, it is a good idea to inspect the perimeter of your home to see if there are any ants, spiders, or other insects. You should also check parts of the property made from wood to see if there are any termites present. If you find signs of pests around your home, contact pest control services like Moxie Pest Control to come treat your lawn and home’s exterior so you’re safe.

Power wash siding and pavement

You may not see the dirt that has accumulated in your house and walkways, but it’s there. You’d be surprised at how much is exposed when you use a power washer. These powerful cleaning devices can wash away dirt and give your home a clean appearance.

Paint windows and doors

Another way to improve the exterior of your home for the fall is to update your windows and doors. If they are old and inefficient, you should invest in more secure ones. However, if they’re just a bit worn down or you’re just looking to change the appearance of your home, you can always apply paint. Use a complementary color to make the rest of the house. For example, if you have a blue house, a red door would really make it stand out. A gray house would look very modern with white windows and trim. If you have a garage door, painting them the same color as your windows and doors is also recommended.

Spruce up the yard

You can’t improve the curb appeal of your property without taking some time to care for your lawn. Start with basic chores like cutting the grass, pulling weeds, and trimming trees and shrubs. You can do this yourself or hire a landscaper and an arborist to assist you. Then, work on improving the look of your front yard. You can put down pavers, install landscape lighting, plant some seasonal flowers, and add some planters.

Porch decor

Fall is one of the best times of year to add some decor to your porch. There are so many decorative pieces you can add to the porch to make it look more appealing. You can invest in outdoor furniture such as a few chairs and a table. You can make jack-o-lanterns with your family, a scarecrow, or add some decorative pieces like a festive wreath, wind chimes, and window decals.

Making improvements to your home’s interior is essential, but don’t overlook the importance of keeping up with the exterior. It’s the first impression people get of your home and also the most exposed part of your property. To improve curb appeal and to keep you safe, it is important to complete home improvement projects such as those listed above.


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