Why every real estate agent needs a digital presence now more than ever

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Why every real estate agent needs a digital presence now more than ever

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With the end of the global pandemic in sight, now is a good time for realtors to stage their digital comeback.

Over the last year, public health restrictions sparked a shift to online. During the height of the first wave, buyers and sellers in need, relied on realtors to digitize the homebuying experience, from virtual appraisals to Zoom-meeting open houses.

After months of a seemingly temporary shift, it’s now clear that the pandemic may have rewritten the rules for good. Online shopping – for groceries, new tech and even homes – is here to stay. Having a digital presence can help realtors better match the demands of connecting clients with homes in the “new normal.”

Amid the increasingly heated real estate market, agents and brokers must distinguish themselves from the competition. With the total number of residential transactions resulting in a 362 per cent increase last month, as compared to April last year, digital marketing can be crucial to realtor success this year.

Here are some tips for creating a professional digital marketing strategy for your real estate business.

Integrate your social channels

Many of us already do a form of social media marketing on our personal Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok profiles – but where should we focus the attention? The fact is that they all matter today. As a business, you could have one client who prefers one social media channel over the other. With tools such as GoDaddy Digital Marketing Suite, website creators can have all their social media accounts tied to a single dashboard, so they can manage them all in one space.

For Ontario real estate broker Anna Depalma, Instagram was originally her main source of marketing until she bought a GoDaddy domain and created her website. Now, with annadepalma.ca, she can drive traffic between all her social media accounts as well as her website. Google My Business can also be integrated through GoDaddy websites, so you can monitor client reviews from a single space and feature the best of the best.

Anna Depalma’s website, powered by GoDaddy
Anna Depalma’s website, powered by GoDaddy

“Having a GoDaddy website has been a game-changer for me,” says Depalma, whose business has grown substantially with the integration of her social channels and her new website. “Since launching annadepalma.ca this spring, I have been able to use GoDaddy to create a one-stop shop for my clients. The feedback has been very positive, and I’ve been able to build a new client base.”

Boost your searchability

With GoDaddy, website owners can gain insights into the best strategies for boosting their presence online. One of the biggest factors to get noticed is searchability and there are two sides to that coin: SEO and paid search. Paid search can help your website rise to the top of a search engine results page for a fee while Search Engine Optimization (SEO) optimizes your website organically for search engines, so you appear higher on the results page using keywords. Smaller businesses can benefit from using GoDaddy Digital Marketing Suite, which includes an array of tools to make your website more visible online.

Use email newsletters

For Depalma, email subscriptions have been a powerful new avenue for landing business leads online. Her new website features a “subscribe” button for visitors to sign up to receive notifications about new blog posts, and for a monthly newsletter she has developed to provide added value for prospective buyers and sellers.

Anna Depalma’s website, powered by GoDaddy
Anna Depalma’s website, powered by GoDaddy

These elements of an enhanced digital toolbox can help prepare a realtor for the post-pandemic surge of real estate interest. The market is still on an upswing, with the number of new listings spiking 237 per cent in April as compared to the year before. As pandemic restrictions lift and Canadian’s confidence in the housing market solidifies again, real estate agents and brokers can benefit from using the full suite of online resources to help their digital presence push through the clutter, for their existing and new clients.

To learn more about GoDaddy’s digital marketing tools, visit godaddy.ca.

About Anne De Aragon:

Anne De Aragon is the Vice-President and Country Manager for GoDaddy Canada, the company that empowers everyday entrepreneurs. In this role, she is responsible for all GoDaddy operations in Canada, leading the charge on business strategy and growth in Canada. Throughout her tenure at GoDaddy, she has worked closely with Canadian small businesses to understand their needs to help them reap the benefits of having an online presence

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