Elements of design

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Elements of design

Statement Soaker

“Delicate yet decadent, striking yet simple, a freestanding bath is the centrepiece of the bathroom. It exhibits control with perfect proportions while inviting you to unwind in the depths of the water.” – Kohler

Wood Accents

“With the ever-growing desire to freshen up our bathrooms, incorporating medium wood tones helps balance out all the crisp white tiles and provide the right amount of warmth to create that modern and comforting appeal”. – Designer Dvira Ovadia, Dvira Interiors

Photo: Valerie Wilcox. | Cabinets: Natural Walnut. OC-17 Benjamin Moore | Floor Tiles: Oriental White, marble. Cercan Tile | Countertop: Caesarstone 2141 | Faucets: Canaroma | Lighting: Union Lighting

Mixing Metals

“When mixing metals, it always comes down to balance and respecting one key rule. Create balance by repeating at least one of the finishes in several elements. You can mix either two or maximum three different finishes together.” – Designers Eugenia Triandos and Korina Khamis, Hibou Design & Co.

Faucets: Rubi | Lighting: Mitzi | Hardware: Top Knobs

Custom Art

“Art is meant to be enjoyed, particularly in a space where you are spending a lot of time, such as a bath space. I truly believe that surrounding yourself with pieces that bring you joy is essential.” – Designer Gillian Segal, Gillian Segal Design

Double Shower

“When sharing a space as intimate as a bathroom we like to design a layout that allows multiple people to use the space comfortably at the same time.” – Designer Sascha Lafleur, West of Main

Wall tile: Olympia Tile & Stone | Floor Tile: Anatolia Tile | Shower Tile (wall): Olympia Tile & Stone | Shower Tile (floor): Anatolia Tile | Builder: Glenview Homes | Finishes: Delta | Lighting & Decor: West of Main Shoppe

Bold Tiles

“Tiles are a big part of a bathroom design concept and can truly set the mood. By using the same pattern throughout, but altering sizes, it took away from that busy feel that you can get when mixing tiles, and just allowed the bold pattern to be the main star in what was just a white rectangular room. The pattern created a seamless flow for the eye that naturally guided you up the shower wall from the floor almost creating an illusion of a larger space.” – Designer Jo Alcorn, Alcorn Home

Photo: Jason Hartog | Lights, blinds and towels: Bed Bath and Beyond | Freestanding tub, matte black sleek faucets, glass shower, mirrors: Bath Depot | Tiles: M2Tile | Countertops and install: Stone Edge/ Hand Stone | Paint: Benjamin Moore


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