Easy and affordable soundproofing with Sonopan panels

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Easy and affordable soundproofing with Sonopan panels

Whether you’re building a home theatre, a basement apartment or granny suite, or building a new home in a noisy part of town, Sonopan panels are an affordable, easy to install solution for soundproofing.

Canada’s #1 Soundproofing Panel

In retrofit situations, simply mount Sonopan panels to the existing drywall then cover with a second layer of drywall.

The ¾-in.-thick, four-by-eight foot panels weight just 26 lbs. You can cut the panels to size with standard woodworking tools – a circular or track saw attached to a dust extractor is best – and you can use a multitool to cut out openings for electrical switches and outlets. The manufacturer recommends fastening the panels with drywall screws and washers (particularly in overhead situations), but construction staples are another option.

The made-in-Canada panels are manufactured entirely from recycled wood, and do not contain any VOCs.

This item is a sneak peak, looking ahead to our February/March 2020 Interior Finishing issue.



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