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Dover Wharf Condominiums

Port Dover’s first waterfront community

Located on the north shore of Lake Erie in Norfolk County, Port Dover is one of Ontario’s best kept secrets with beautiful scenery, fishing, and freshwater beaches.

As part of Port Dover’s waterfront renewal, Dover Wharf Condominiums will be sitting front and centre. The building will consist of 48 individually owned condominium apartments, storage, secure parking and private waterfront areas. It will connect the main pier to the west with the town’s Harbour Museum to the east.


The location of Dover Wharf is very significant. The Henry H. Misner Fish Plant is situated in a prime harbour location and was a major employer. The Misner family was involved in fishing since the late 1800s, and by the 1900s commercial fishing on the Great Lakes was an important regional industry. The fish plant helped to define the town and it shaped the waterfront. However, the aging plant was eventually moved to a newer facility and became obsolete.

When a young Vietnamese woman, Nicole Diec, immigrated to Canada some thirty years ago, she actually sorted, and graded, fish at the Misner fish plant. Through hard work and perseverance, Diec went on to pursue other business endeavours. Throughout her career, however, she secretly dreamed of turning the Misner Fish Plant into something greater for the town that she fell in love with.

Along with a team of architects, the Diec family were determined to pay homage to the area’s fishing roots, as well as design an iconic structure that would complement Port Dover’s eclectic downtown.

While it’s a wonderful story, the happy ending part didn’t come without struggle. Turning the former processing plant into condominiums was a long and delicate process that required years of studies and reports, as well as working closely with the people of Norfolk County to determine the best use for the property. Despite changes in the fish populations, as well as environmental concerns, technological innovations, and alterations in economic organization, fishery remains a viable industry. Built in 1970, the Henry H. Misner Fish Plant sits on two-thirds of an acre that was zoned for tourism and marine industrial purposes. With input from the Ministry of Natural Resources, the Long Point Region Conservation Authority and Norfolk County Council’s recent approval, the site is now zoned to allow for residential use.


If Diec’s story has taught us one thing, it’s to be tenacious and to pursue your dreams. Residents of this 48-unit building will have exclusive access to the waterfront terrace. Individual suites include nine-foot ceilings, energy efficient heating and cooling systems, and luxury features and finishes. Prices start from the $300,000s.

Site preparation is now well underway, which includes the installation of support pilings down to the bedrock, and construction of a new sea wall. Dover Wharf is the only waterfront condominium project in Port Dover – there’s nothing else like it.


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