DIYs to make your old curtains look like new

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DIYs to make your old curtains look like new

When it comes to home decor, the one item that is either ignored completely or focused on too much are the curtains. There are some people who would spend thousands of dollars on furniture and carpets but would just buy the simplest and the most boring curtains for their windows. On the other hand, there are people who would go completely overboard and select the fanciest and heaviest curtains.

The key to dressing up your windows is to choose curtains that suit the size of the windows and the overall look and feel of the furniture in the room. There is no need to go overboard, but at the same time, there is no need to only go for white curtains or curtains that are totally plain with no design or decoration. Focus on buying the right type of curtain rods and the right style of curtain.

DIY tips for decorative curtains

For people who tend to take an active role in fixing and building things at home, there are several DIY tips that can make your old curtains look completely new. Here are a few easy and unique curtain ideas to dress up your windows:

  1. Tie-dye curtains: If you have teenage kids, you may want to consider tie-dye curtains. All you need is a white curtain and coloured dye. If you want to make nice patterns, the trick is to fold the curtain in different ways. The end result is generally quite funky. These curtains can change the look of your room completely.

2. Stenciled curtains: You can also create something completely unique with stenciling. You might need some space to do so, but if you choose the right paint and manage to keep your curtain straight and even, you can make something completely fresh and new.

3. Lacy curtains: If you already have a fabulous curtain rod with simple curtains in the living room or bedroom that you want to spice up, buy some pretty lace. There are all types of laces available at very affordable prices. You can hook them on the edge of your old curtain, or sew them on the top or on the bottom. Lacy curtains can make a room look quite elegant and Victorian.


4. Pompom curtains: You can transform an old curtain into new by simply attaching pompoms. Pompoms come in many styles and colours and are very easy to add on. Not only will this make your curtains look unique, but they will also change the overall look of your room in no time.

5. Striped curtains: One of the most commonly used rooms in most homes is the family room. Most people like to create a “homely feeling” for this particular room, and one of the easiest ways to achieve that is through the use of striped curtains. Striped curtains are very easy to create. All you need to do is take a white light cloth and then use a roll of paint to make the stripes. Once ready, place them nicely over the curtain rod. Within minutes, you can have beautiful window covering which will make your room look spacious and fresh.

6. Tea towel curtains: If it’s your kitchen windows you want to play around with, a great idea is to make tea towel curtains. There are all types of tea towels available in different, sizes, shapes, colors and design. All you do is hook them on a rod, and your kitchen window will be transformed.

7. Full-length curtains: If you live in a room that is not too big, you can use your curtains to give it a more spacious feeling. A very simple idea to achieve this is to hang full-length curtains just a few inches above your window. By doing so, you give the room a new fresh look and the impression that it has high ceilings.


8. Table cloth curtains: If you have an extra table cloth which is light, washable and white, you can also use that to make a unique curtain. You can be creative; make it a family activity. You can put stickers; do some embroidery, add some ruffles at the bottom. This particular idea can be very useful for a child’s bedroom. In fact, children can have some good fun designing and decorating their curtain.

9. Panel curtains: People tend to have small pieces of cloth or plastic pieces at home. If the pieces are lightweight, you can sew them up and make them into a curtain. These panel curtains can be used in almost any room and offer privacy.

10. Recycled kitchen shutters: Do not throw out your old window shutters. If you are creative, you can paint them, add decorative artwork or attach stickers onto them. They make a wonderful addition to the kitchen window.

There are many other creative ideas on how to recycle old curtains on YouTube. All you need is some imagination, a creative mind and the motivation to try new things.

Author Bio:

Zana Dodig is a window treatments consultant with more than 20 years of experience.


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