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Designed with care

By Brenda Danso – Photos Janelle Gokule

When it came to the design of this office, it was all about creating a space for inspiration and healing. My client lost her husband to cancer. As a result, she and her daughter needed a space to feel joy and comfort, even in painful moments. My client hired me to transform a room into a shared office space that could be used with her daughter. The area had to symbolize a new beginning. She needed a space where they could heal and honour her passing husband’s memory.


My goal was to create a shared space that would feel feminine and peaceful – which was no small task. The first thing I worked on when developing this area was picking the colour palette. It required thoughtfulness to ensure the colour scheme was comforting and soothing. I chose yellow as the primary hue because it represents optimism.

The next focus was on furniture placement, making sure the layout brought a great view of the outdoors. The work desks were positioned to take advantage of the window and natural lighting. A room with a view and a connection to nature increases a sense of calm.

Plants are also a great way to introduce a serene outdoor vibe; they also help absorb toxins. If you don’t have a green thumb, don’t worry – snake plants are a great, durable option.

Lighting was next. Adding overhead lighting and wall sconces created visual interest, while bringing balance for a soothing environment. The lighting also places focus on the art in the room, which plays such a significant role. The artwork in this room demonstrates representation; this was important, as the client wanted to make sure her daughter could see herself represented in the artwork.

Altogether, the room makes you feel optimistic. And who wouldn’t want this feeling in an office? This space is ideal for our lovely client to connect with her daughter and create memorable moments as they work and engage together.


Brenda Danso, a California native turned Toronto resident brings her educational background in mental health to her interior design practice. Her projects range from home staging and residential design to commercial design.


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